Discover Your Spiritual Gifts has a radio show on BlogTalk Radio called DYSG. The purpose of this show is to provide stimulating discussions about spirituality and metaphysics, interviews with guests, information about upcoming events and insights into the spiritual realm. This is a FREE resource that we are offering to our community! 

The show hosts include:

  • Vialet Rayne, the magical creator of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. Vialet is a Sacred Priestess & Spiritual Guide that assists individuals in living a life of purpose, joy and abundance. 
  • Dave the Mystic, a multi-faceted healer utilizing many different healing modalities combined with his other gifts.

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Episode 48

James Jensen is the author of Expand the Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Jim attributes much of the success of his companies to the management and employees embracing many of the principles taught in his book.

Episode 49

Phoenix has been practicing witchcraft for over twenty-five years. She weaves a tapestry of traditions including eclectic Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidry, and rootwork.

Episode 50

Deb Goetz is a world-recognized medical intuitive and multi-dimensional healer. As an energetic conduit for various Light Sources, Deb is also a medium, ascension guide and teacher. Her mission is to activate humanity’s previously lost potential.

Episode 51

Nicole blends art, writing and channeling into magical intuitive tools that help you enchant your every day, open up your line of communication with spirit, feel more free and fill your heart with love and compassion. 

Episode 52

Kac Young has been a producer, writer and director in the Hollywood television industry for over 25 years. Kac has also earned a PhD in Natural Health and a Doctorate in Naturopathy. She is talking about her book, Crystal Power, 12 Essential Crystals for Health and Healing. 

Episode 53

Debbie, through her own life experiences, became deeply devoted to guiding others into healing and insight. As a Light Worker, Psychic Medium, and Reiki Master Teacher, combined with her work in Psychology, Debbie offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience.

Episode 54

Carmel became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, CHTP, and began mentoring others, in the art of Healing Touch. She also trained with Raven Keyes, to be a medical reiki master. This certification allows her to go into surgeries and hospital settings, to administer energy work to the clients who request it.

Episode 55

Kerri is certified in energy medicine by the Four Winds Light Body school, certified as a spiritual coach by the Artist of the Spirit Coach Training Program and HeatherAsh Amara, certified in empowerment and firewalk training by Sundoor, and certified as a Warrior Goddess Facilitator. She is the past President of the Austin Chapter of the International Association of Women (IAW).

Episode 56

Joy Elaine is an author, speaker and one of the foremost experts in the world on the Ashtar Command, as well as “mythical” creatures that are real. Joy has her fingers on the pulse of the evolving Earth and has a profound understanding of the nature of the forty-seven universes and many of the races that inhabit them.

Episode 57

Myrna Lou teaches classes in Palmistry with an insightful explanation of the lines and symbols.  The modality employed is Oriental Palmistry. Her Palmistry services have been booked for parties, private and corporate groups and for individual readings.

Episode 58

For 25+ years Jonathan has explored body memory and its relationship to chronic pain, stress, illness, and behavior. His Body Memory Recall – BMR – approach has supported thousands of individuals to heal old wounds and experience, renewing states of peace, power, joy and wisdom.  

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