Visit the center on Friday & Saturday 12 PM – 5 PM


Vialet started DYSG to:

  • Create an inclusive and sacred haven for like-minded individuals to connect and find community.
  • Offer spiritual classes and programs at a professional level. I wanted more from my spiritual education.
  • Provide a space for other individuals to have a successful spiritual business that offers professional services that empower others.
  • Support individuals that are newly building a spiritual business. I cannot build their business for them, but I truly want to provide them the support that they need to be successful.


Vialet’s Healing Space

Vialet provides a sacred space for healing and transformation. She works with the angels, elementals, guides, teachers and galactic healers to bring your bodies back to balance and harmony.

She works with sound instruments including singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, crystal pyramids, ocean drums, and much more.