Visit the center on Friday & Saturday 12 PM – 5 PM


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts is a Spiritual Education & Event Center. We offer a wide-variety of programs each month. It is important to our team to provide you with an amazing learning experience. There is something for everyone! 

What makes us different? 

  • We offer 30+ in-person classes each month.
  • We offer a variety of classes, events, and programs.
  • We offer playshops, spiritual classes, and certification programs.
  • We offer Mystery School programs. 
  • We offer several online classes and programs.
  • We offer loyalty points for Vialet’s classes for students that register at the center. 

In-person Classes

Are you seeking in-person classes? We offer educational and certification classes along with playshops. Bring a friend or family member to a class or event.

Online Classes

Do you want more flexibility with your schedule? We offer online classes that can be taken at your own pace. The platform has videos, exercises, meditations, and much more.

Mystery School

Seeking more than a spiritual class? We have the Sacred Temple Mystery School with programs that offer personal transformation in all areas of your life.


These teachers provide monthly programs at the center. We have other team members that will teach programs periodically in the center.


Vialet teaches 10+ classes each month. She has been teaching over 40 years.


Charles is a Spiritual Minister. He has been teaching psychic development programs for over four decades.


Christina teaches Reiki with the Violet Flame. She teaches Magical Crafting each month.


Corinne teaches shamanic programs in the center. She offers a series of the classes.


Elizabeth teaches a monthly class at the center. They are focused on Grounding, Clearing, & Protection.


Heather has a monthly Mediumship Gallery. She offers a Channeling class. Heather collaborates with Rick Finbow in a Message Gallery.


Jessica provides Belly Dancing classes and Women’s Circles at DYSG.


Michael shares his shamanic practices in several monthly programs including: Shamanic Healing Circles & Journey into Sound. He offers Drum making, Feathery, & Incense making.


Michele and Vialet collaborate each month in Divine Messages Gallery.


Rick provides programs each month. He is a Psychic Medium.


Sarah teaches Astrology and Numerology classes at the center. She leads Moon Ceremonies.


Tricia teaches Fairy Reiki. She brings her fairy energy into these classes.