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  • Working with Your Third Eye Chakra

    Working with Your Third Eye Chakra

    ********************** Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘wheel of light’. Traditionally there are seven chakras and these are the energy centers of the etheric body. The chakras appear as wheel-like vortices of pure energy and are sometimes referred to as ‘lotuses’. They spin at great speed and, in a deeply spiritual person, they become… Read more

  • Third Eye Chakra Meditation

    Third Eye Chakra Meditation

    ********************** Find a comfortable place without distraction. Set your Sacred Space. Light a candle. Take some deep, cleansing breaths. Allow each breath, in and out, to center and ground you. You may pause the video until you are ready to begin. When you are ready, push play and begin the meditation. (Pause) You can listen… Read more

  • What Are Unicorns

    What Are Unicorns

    ******************* These mythical creatures have been part of our childhood stories and fairy tales. Unicorns are beings of the angelic realms who are returning to Earth to aid us on our path to ascension. They bring messages of hope and remind us to stay positive as we prepare for a golden future. The unicorn has… Read more

  • Essential Oils: Growth

    Essential Oils: Growth

    Our experience is about spiritual expansion and growth. Some individuals may choose to continue the same spiritual path throughout their whole life. And, others will continue to expand and evolve.  Are you ready to invest in your own personal growth? ************** In this article, we connect with three essential oils that will get you moving… Read more

  • Spiritual Alchemy

    Spiritual Alchemy

    Watch video at: ******************* Spiritual alchemy is a concept that blends elements of traditional alchemy with spiritual and mystical teachings. While traditional alchemy focused on the transformation of base metals into gold and the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone, spiritual alchemy takes a more metaphorical approach, emphasizing inner transformation, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of… Read more

  • Crystal Alchemist

    Crystal Alchemist

    In honor of a new group starting Sacred Alchemy, I wanted to share how you can use crystals to support you during times of change and transformation. The tools of alchemy provide transformation to shift your consciousness and put you on the path of spiritual ascension.  Stage #1: CALCINATION  This stage of alchemy brings in… Read more