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The Most Professional Spiritual and Metaphysical Classes in Denver

BEST Spiritual Education in Denver


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) is a Spiritual Education & Event Center. We offer a wide-variety of programs each month. It is important to our team to provide you with an amazing learning experience. Without a doubt, the center offers the most spiritual education all in one place. It is the BEST Spiritual Education & Event Center is South Denver. Additionally, our programs will meet the needs of the novice, intermediate, and advanced spiritual seeker.

Some individuals are lifetime students and they love finding programs that expand their knowledge, assist them with a new perspective, and stretch their mind. With this in mind, DYSG has something for everyone!!!

What makes us different? 

  • We offer 30+ in-person classes each month.
  • We offer a variety of classes, events, and programs.
  • We offer playshops, spiritual classes, and certification programs.
  • We offer Mystery School programs. 
  • We offer several online classes and programs.
  • We offer loyalty points for Vialet’s classes for students that register at the center. 

Are you searching for a spiritual community? We provide a safe haven for individuals to connect and to discover their gifts.

We have included our monthly and regularly scheduled programs below. You may also check the profile of the teacher to find their list of offerings.


The Mystery School at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts has been gifted to Vialet by Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizdek. The initiates of Sacred Priesthood will be initiated in the Sacred Order of Priesthood. All of the initiates become members of the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood and they will serve the Cosmic and Spiritual Hierarchy of Light. 


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts offers several different types of Reiki programs. Are you looking for tools for self-healing? We provide professional and sacred classes on different perspectives of Reiki. These programs are offered a couple times a year.


We offer several programs each month for you to experience sound. These provide numerous health benefits including emotional, mental, and physical healing.


Belly Dancing * Sacred Dance * Yoga

Let’s get moving! These programs allow us to move our physical body and connect spiritually. When was the last time that you moved your body?

Check out these amazing programs.


The center has several shamanic practitioners. They offer a variety of shamanic programs.

You may check out their profiles for all of their offerings:


Some of our professional psychics mediums offer message galleries. These programs provide individual messages within a group gallery.


We have several professional teachers that offer programs to develop your psychic abilities including Tarot & Akashic Record readings. Natalie teaches a program on Tea Readings.


Rituals * Sacredness * Ceremony

Modern Mystic Series: Elizabeth offers a monthly class focused on Grounding, Clearing, & Protection.


Fairies * Dragons * Unicorns

As adults, we tend to get caught up in life’s busy routines. We forget the importance of play, dance, and laughter. Vialet has created playshops for adults. These provide self-care, healing, and connections to our inner child.

Elemental Series: This program will connect you to the magical realm of the elementals.


Candles * Magical Crafting * Creative Programs

Do you love doing intentional crafts? We offer several different crafting classes at the center. Come and connect with other like-minded individuals and have some fun at the same time.


Connection * Sacred Space * Healing

These circles have a strong emphasis on spirituality, creating a safe and nurturing space for women to explore and deepen their connection to themselves, each other, and the divine.


Vialet has been coaching and teaching business programs for over four decades. She brings her expertise to spiritual business owners, so that they can be successful in doing their passion. Some of our other team members also teach business programs.


Come and experience the holidays at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. This is Vialet’s favorite time of the year. It is her birthday month! We offer several programs during the holidays.