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Leslie Tankersley Arboleda is the Kizen KoachTM a certified Quantum Human Design™M Specialist, and an internationally celebrated speaker and author. In her private practice, she is helping folks reconnect to their own body, brain, and breath to have better relationships at home and in business. On stage and in front of the camera, she strives to share her message about the power of personal narrative because when you tell the story you want to live, you get to live a story you want to tell.

“Those people bold enough to choose to grow are on the leading edge of progress and change.  They are the trail-blazers and the game-changers who are making the world a better place. Is this you?”

– Leslie

Leslie combines her experience, education, and expertise in neuropsychology, marketing, and quantum physics to support her clients and audience members in understanding the importance of making aligned choices and how to become empowered to create tangible change and desired results in their lives and relationships.

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Leslie is a certified Quantum Human Design™M Specialist, and an internationally celebrated speaker and author.

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“Leslie has a beautiful talk that many women need to hear.”


Marketing Expert


“Leslie has been a beacon of light for me.”




“Leslie has a way of asking questions that helped me realize how to finally align to the answers that were right for me.”




Step into the magical realm where Leslie and Sherry stumbled upon not just a shared interest, but a cosmic calling to spread joy, health, understanding, empowerment, and peace throughout our earthly journey. Picture us as the dynamic duo of positivity, armed with an extraordinary blend of ancient wisdom, spiritual vibes, and science to enhance and decode our inherent birthright, and sometimes hidden mysteries.

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