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Course Design & Delivery

Have you ever thought about teaching spiritual classes? Would you like to offer these types of programs? 

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts was created to be an Education Center for Spiritual, Healing, & Empowerment programs. Vialet combines her expertise in education and spirituality to create a scholarly approach to teaching spiritual programs. Most instructors deliver programs that are aligned with their own learning style. It is important to design programs that reach a broader audience and style. 

  • When were you last disappointed in a class you have taken? 
  • What did you dislike about the program? 
  • When did you last enjoy a class you have taken? 
  • How do you measure the value of a program? 

Join me as we dive deep into these questions and the foundational elements of delivering an amazing class and program to your students. This program requires that you attend four (4) classes.

Students will receive: 

  • Twelve hours of instruction & practice (in-person & online)
  • Self-published book
  • Hands-on experience
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Graduates will be given an opportunity to be selected for teaching Vialet’s classes and programs. 



  • Individuals that want to share their expertise with others.
  • Individuals ready to deliver professional programs to adult learners. 
  • Individuals that would like to learn more about speaking, teaching, and facilitating educational programs.
  • Individuals currently teaching programs but would like to elevate their approach.
  • Individuals that would like to grow and expand their educational offerings. 
  • Individuals that want to teach energy healing classes (Crystal Healing, Energy Clearings, Reiki, etc.)
  • Individuals that are creating spiritual programs for their community.

COST: $444 (includes all classes and materials)

Vialet has been designing and delivering training, classes, and workshops for over thirty (30) years. She was a human resource professional that designed management, leadership, and technical training programs in several industries.

Vialet completed her master’s degree in Human Resources Development at Webster University and she taught college development programs for bachelor and master programs. She was recognized as Rookie of the Year for her teaching style and delivery. 

Vialet would love to improve the quality of programs being delivered in the spiritual community. Her students are drawn to her classes based on her teaching style, design, and delivery of her programs. She understands the details are important! 


This program supports the individual in designing and delivering a class. Students are required to take an idea for a class through the design phase, develop the structure and delivery methods, and pitch the class idea to others. 

You will:

  • Understand the adult learning styles.
  • Structure an outline for a class idea.
  • Design an adult education program with learning objectives, goals, and expected benefits.
  • Evaluate the benefits of in-person and online offerings.
  • Learn about market value, pricing strategies, and strategic approaches for your programs.
  • Gain insights on the different marketing approaches.
  • Conduct a cost and revenue analysis with estimated return on investment calculations.

  • Program Content
  • Program Structure

*** Students will select their topics for their Speaking assignment.

  • Program Engagement
  • Program Setup

*** Students will speak on a randomly selected topic

***Online Students will be required to video tape their submission

  • Program Marketing
  • Program Pricing

*** Students will deliver an Engagement Activity

*** Online students will be required to video tape their submission

  • Program Offerings
  • Program Evaluation

*** Students will submit their cost vs profit analysis



  • In-person Offering: The individual needs to attend the four-class series
  • Successful completion of the online program. It must be 100% complete.
  • Successful completion of ALL the Coursework: Homework Deliverables listed above. 

COST: $444 (includes all classes and materials)

Check with your Tax Accountant about this being a deduction as a business expense.