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Private Parties

Vialet offers private parties for birthdays, family events, bridal showers, social gatherings, etc. These events MUST be scheduled 30-60 days in advance. We must be able to confirm that supplies will be available for the event.

The event calendar for the center is scheduled a minimum of sixty days in advance. These programs are limited to the availability of the classrooms and the facilitators. 


Here are some general guidelines for these programs. 

#1. Food & Drink

You may bring refreshments for the event. When requested, we can set up a refreshment table for your event. The center does not allow alcohol or recreational drugs for their classes, activities, or events. You will need to allott additional time for refreshments being served. 

#2. Deposit

You will be required to pay a 50% deposit for the event at least fourteen days before the event. The remaining balance will be due the day of the event. We will send you an invoice for the deposit and remaining balance through Quickbooks. You can pay online with a credit card. 

The cost of the event includes the room rental, materials for the activity, and the time of the facilitator. 

#3. Scheduling

Our event schedule tends to be fully booked for weekends. These events tend to be scheduled during the week after 5 PM or weekends after 6 PM. 

You may contact Vialet for more information or to schedule: [email protected] 

This fun and interactive program is great for all ages! The participants will get to make three different bath salt mixtures for themselves or for gifts. The individuals will be getting to work in Vialet’s Apothecary making their salt mixtures. We have several different fragrant salts to choose from. 

  • Length of Program: 1.5 hours
  • Cost per participant: $35
  • Each participant will receive: 3 bath salt mixtures
  • Number of Participants: 4-12 people
  • No age limit – Great for kids

This fun and interactive program is great for all ages! Everyone can come dressed as their favorite fairy. We will take photos of the individuals and the group with the Fairy backdrop. 

There are two options to choose from: 


  • Length of Program: 2 hours
  • Cost per participant: $40
  • Each participant will receive: Magical Wand, Fairy Dust & Fairy Spray
  • Number of Participants: 5-12 people
  • Ages: 5 and up. 


  • Length of Program: 2 hours
  • Cost per participant: $45
  • Each participant will receive: Fairy Doll & Door
  • Number of Participants: 5-8 people
  • Ages: 8 and up. 

Make your own custom broom from scratch. You will be able to select a handle from a group of chestnut mountain canes. There will be natural wood, dark varnished chestnut, and light varnished chestnut canes for your broom handle.

The cost of the class includes:

  • Instruction Class
  • Long broom handle
  • Uncolored Broom Corn Bundle
  • One Splash of Colored Broom Corn Bundle
  • Lace Band Wrap
  • One charm

Party Option:

  • Length of Program: 1.5 hours
  • Cost per participant: $90
  • Each participant will receive: Decorative Broom
  • Number of Participants: 5-8 people
  • Age Requirements: Adults only

This program will allow the participants to make four intention candles. The process includes selecting your intention and adding herbs, crystals and essential oils to the candles to support your intention. 

Find out more about this program: Intention Candles

  • Length of Program: 2.5 hours
  • Cost per participant: $90
  • Each participant will receive: 4 Candles with one intention
  • Number of Participants: 6-12 people
  • Ages: 14 and up.