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Fairy Reiki

Fairy Reiki combines the healing modality of Reiki with the playful and loving energies of the fairies. It provides a unique healing approach that brings in the energies of nature, the elements, and the fairies.

The program will provide you with an understanding of the fairies. These sessions will bring healing to your inner child, emotional healing, and will be the guidance to bring in more joy and happiness in your life.

Who should take this class:

  • Individuals that want a connection with the Fairy Kingdom
  • Individuals that have been called to Fairy Reiki
  • Individuals that are seeking healing of the inner child
  • Individuals that desire to heal wounds from emotional abuse and trauma
  • Individuals that need more play, laughter, and joy in their life
  • Healing practitioners that are seeking another tool for the practice

This is offered in one program during a weekend:

  • Friday: 5 PM – 8 PM
  • Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

COST: $288

*** Limited to 8 students.

Class must have at least 2 registered students or will be canceled.


This program will support you on your spiritual path. The individuals taking this program will receive: 

  • Full attunement to Fairy Reiki with 1st and 2nd Degree
  • Two cleansing opening meditations
  • Learning about fairies, fairy types, fairy practices, and connecting to fairies
  • Learning how to do Fairy Card readings
  • Instruction and practice to Fairy Reiki
  • Instruction and practice to Fairy Reiki Self-Healing
  • Instruction and practice to Elemental Healing
  • Instruction and practice to Emotional Inner Child Healing
  • Instruction and practice to Rainbow Light Healing
  • Practical & legal guidance for practicing 
  • Business tools for opening a spiritual business 

Never toss out fairy offerings like you would food for wild animals. They consider this very disrespectful. Make up a little basket or bowl of your offerings and leave them on your step, in your garden, or under a tree.

Tricia has been studying with Vialet at Discover You Spiritual Gifts for several years. She is a certified Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher, Akashic RecordReader, Akashic RecordHealer, and is Sacred Priestess in The Order of Melchizedek. 

She is very connected to the Fairy Kingdom. Tricia has a special connection to the fairies from past lives and holds the energies of the fairies within her soul essence. 

Tricia was excited when Vialet asked her to co-author and teach this program at the center. Vialet and Tricia collaborate to bring a program that was balanced in healing techniques, elemental education, and fairy magic. This program will provide deep elemental and emotional healing to the participants. The fairies are ready to support you and your healing gifts. 


“I absolutely loved everything about this class! There is so much valuable information, fun activities, and the meditations are fantastic.”




“I loved all the various aspects of this class. I enjoyed learning and participating in the various healing modalities and meditations-particularly the attunements. I really enjoyed the activities as well such as creating an alter, fairy dust etc…all felt magical and enhanced my connection to the fairy.” 




Fairy Reiki by Vialet B Rayne & Tricia Magee



  • You must complete the entire online course. The online platform will require that you complete the lessons in order. All the videos must be watched. There are several Knowledge Check quizzes throughout the program. These are open book. The tests require a minimum of a 70% passing score and you may repeat the test up to 13 times. 
  • You need to complete four (4) in-person sessions. After completing the session, have the individual complete the documentation for the session. You may do each of the sessions with the same person at different days and times OR I highly recommend doing the sessions with the different people, so you get a broader range of feedback. These sessions can be with family and/or friends. You must complete the documentation for each session. 
  • You need to complete one (1) virtual session. They can complete the form OR they can send you the information via email. You must complete the documentation for the session.



$288 per person

Limited to 8 people

  • Friday, May 31st at 5 PM
  • Saturday, June 1st at 10 AM
  • Sunday, June 2nd at 10 AM
  • Friday, September 13th at 5 PM
  • Saturday, September 14th at 10 AM
  • Sunday, Septtember 15th at 10 AM


This program is also offered online. You can take the course anytime from anywhere. You will receive all the lectures and attunements online. After you register, the book will be mailed to the address that you choose.

COST: $288