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Broom Making

Corinne and I made our first brooms in Salem. It was such a fun playshop!!!! We decided to create our own Broom-Making Playshop for Denver.

Are you ready to have some fun?

Make a playdate with a friend or family member. Space limited to 6 people per class. NOTE: Children under the age of 17 years of age will need an adult to make their broom. This playshop tends to SELL OUT early.


Make your own custom broom from scratch. You will be able to select a handle from a group of chestnut mountain canes. There will be natural wood, dark varnished chestnut, and light varnished chestnut canes for your broom handle.

The cost of the class includes:

  • Instruction Class
  • Long broom handle
  • Uncolored Broom Corn Bundle
  • One Splash of Colored Broom Corn Bundle
  • Lace Band Wrap
  • One charm


Besoms, the witches broom, has been traditionally used for cleansing and protecting the home. They have a long history for being part of rituals and ceremonies. The word “besom” is derived from the Old English “besma.” Besoms were originally made from birch twigs that were tied together. These natural materials were chosen based on their durability.

In ancient times, these brooms were used for cleansing the home space and protecting against evil spirits. They would use the brooms to sweep away negative energies in the space. The brooms would be blessed in rituals to purify and consecrate the sacred space.

Anoint Your Broom: You can anoint the broom corn with cleansing and protection essential oils:

  • Courage: ginger, lemon, & orange
  • Healing: jasmine, lavender, & peppermint
  • Love: jasmine, lavender, & rose
  • Peace: chamomile, geranium, & lavender
  • Prosperity: bergamot, cinnamon, and peppermint
  • Protection: lemon, Palo Santo, rosemary, & sage
  • Spirituality: frankincense

Bless Your Broom: You can bless your broom with fresh herbs for cleansing and protection (Cinnamon, Lemon, Mugwort, Rosemary, Sea Salt, etc.)

It was believed that the broom held magical powers of divination and communication with spirits. They are used in weddings with the groom and bride jumping over the broom as a symbol of commitment.

You should never use your magical broom for housecleaning. The broom can energetically move the energy in the space. Move the broom in a clockwise direction.

The phrase “flying off the handle” comes from broom lore. When a woman would get frustrated trying to chase her children out of the kitchen so she could finish with the cooking, a swat from the broom was a last resort, sending the straw flying off the handle and across the room.


When you make your own broom, it has your energies and intentions in the broom. A broom can be a great addition to any home or workplace.


What type of handle do you want for your broom? We have several choices for you to choose from.

  • Mountain Made Natural Chestnut
  • Varnished Chestnut
  • Natural Light Chestnut
  • Chestnut with Wooden Ball Handle


Everyone gets a bundle of natural broom corn with one bundle of colored broom corn. If you would like an additional bundle of color, you may purchase an additional bundle for $10.99.

What color(s) will you choose?

You will wrap the broom corn around the handle tightly. The process requires tension and tight grip to secure the corn to the handle.


Think about your intention and where you want to display your broom. The class includes the lace wrap and a charm.

You can add flowers, feathers, butterflies, birds, and additional charms. NOTE: You can also bring your own decorations to class!

Select your color of lace

Select your charm


When you hang your broom over your front door, it is believe to ward off gossip, unwanted guests, and negative energy. I love seeing my broom hanging over the front door inside my home.

You can hang your broom with the bristles up by your door. This will bring in luck and blessings to your space.

Simple New Broom Blessing by Tess Whitehurst: Click here

A broom can be an amazing housewarming gift. Do you know anyone that is moving into a new home or space?


We do not insure broom owners to use the brooms for transportation. The brooms are intended for sweeping and activities associated with housekeeping and ritual use only. Please refer to flight regulations in your area. We are not liable for flying and adventure with your broom.


COST: $89.00

Add on Accessories include:

  • Additional Colored Broom Corn Bundle $10
  • Flower Bundles $14
  • Large Birds $4
  • Daisy Flowers $3
  • Birds, Butterflies, & Dragonflies $3
  • Feathers $3-$7
  • Extra charms $3-$4

You can add as much or as little as you want!

Space limited to 6 people per class. NOTE: Children under the age of 17 years of age will need an adult to make their broom. This playshop tends to SELL OUT early.