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Your Guidepost

Vialet will set a sacred space for this New Year’s Ritual.

Would you like to have a guidepost for 2025? I love using the ritual of pulling my tarot cards to gain a perspective for my year. Some of our community members pulled their cards during Sacred Candles last year. This program is for anyone that wasn’t able to attend Sacred Candles OR would like to have insight about each of the months of the year along with the alignment of your cards.

Vialet will set a sacred space for you to pull your cards for the year. This playshop will provide you with tools for understanding the energies already in motion for 2025. Join Vialet for this powerful program.

  • What is Tarot?
  • A New Year Ritual
  • Major vs Minor Arcana
  • Monthly Energies
  • Your Intentions
  • Your Word & Mantra
  • Your Year Worksheet
  • Pull Your Cards
  • Answer Questions

Why should you attend and do this ritual?

  • Vialet will set a sacred space for this ritual.
  • Vialet will guide you through the ritual.
  • Vialet will share with you the power of this ritual.
  • Vialet will provide you insights to the year ahead.
  • Vialet will be available to answer your questions.

COST: $20

Wednesday, January 8th, 2025

3 PM

Limited Space

Wednesday, January 8th, 2025

6 PM

Limited Space