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Corinne aka Whirling Rainbow Star

Medicine Woman – Herbalist – Psychopomp and Teacher

My journey started when I was still a young girl, I experienced what seemed at the time an intense chickenpox illness. During a particular hot day, I was running a fever and was given baby aspirin. I awakened the next morning unable to speak, walk or even hold a glass of water. This was in the early 70’s and at time there were no warnings against aspirin. I was not paralyzed as I could still feel my legs and arms, but they could not support me. The words were clear in my head but came out garbled. This lasted for 10 days much of which I was hospitalized. At the same time my parents were separating.

My father thought my illness was a psychological response to his moving out. Doctors thought may case so chickenpox was so severe I had them on my brain. Years later my brother while reading a medical journal saw the symptoms as being Reye Syndrome Whatever it was it simply went away the way it started, I woke up and it was gone, and I was normal again. Miracle? Saved for something else?

As an adult looking back, I realize this was my shamanic death experience, this could have led to a coma or death. I was spared and one day would answer the call that started that year.

As time progressed and became a teenager, I began to be aware of spirits around me, too afraid to engage with them, I asked them to leave me be as I was not ready. While I had very vivid dreams I did not feel or hear spirit, until the day I was driving home to Buffalo, my father was ill and had been put into a medical coma. I felt him pass at 6 am but the hospital was able to revive him. As I was driving, I heard a very deep male voice in my head, a voice that I knew was God. We argued whether he could take my father home – yes, like I had any power to prevent it. The voice was firm but gentle. In the end I said, “the least you could do is keep him alive until I got to him”. The response was “done”.

I arrived in Buffalo, N.Y from Columbus, OH is under 4 hours. Time had entered some weird matrix. I realized that the promise was kept, and I was able to say goodbye to my father. at that moment I knew what it meant when people talked about having a ‘close relationship to God.’ Not only was it possible for me but was open to all of us.

From that moment to current, I have been on a mission to answer my call. I have studied religions, shamanism, herbalism, crystal healing. Learned how to journey and lead others on journeys, to retrieve lost aspects of their soul resulting from experiencing trauma, fear or low self-esteem.

I also teach Featherway a clearing and healing modality, that came to Garrett Duncan, while holding a hawk feather. This modality helps to clear the auric fields, release stagnant energies, and align energy. One of the many tools in the medicine chest.

I offer sessions in shamanic healing methods, herbal teas, and salves to aid in your own healing and wise woman guidance and support.

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Insured & Licensed

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I studied Shamanism and became a Featherway Teacher with Garret Duncan of Navajo Illuminations and completed herbal immersion classes from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. Along with, being a certified crystal healer, Akashic records reader and Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek

I learned that I am a psychopomp, a shamanic term for someone who can usher the dead to the unseen realms and who can help ease the journey of those who are crossing over.

This year, following ‘gentle’ prompting from my friend Vialet Rayne (Discover Your Spiritual Gifts) I developed and launch a 7-month Shamanic series, where we look at shamanic practices from around the world. Along with the shamanic series, I offer frame drum making, where we not only make the drum but wake it up.


“I received an Akashic reading with Corrine Echols several months ago. I found it to be interesting, informative and extremely helpful. There is no way Corrine could have known anything about my connection with Egypt, except through her clear connection. She zoomed right in on it, and several other incredibly relevant topics. It was interesting to see how in tune to my records, Corrine was throughout the entire session. She waited until clear on what she was seeing before she spoke. I would recommend Corrine as an Akashic record reader anytime. Thank you, Corrine!”




“I was searching for something deeper to my purpose and emotional blocks, and therapy was not doing it for me at a soul level. As the universe always does, it put Corinne in my path as my teacher to understand my soul more spiritually. I always feel excited and at peace when I  with Corinne at the center. She is a beautiful, authentic channel for my spirit guides to speak through, and relay insight and advice for my blocks. She beautifully uses her experience to help me see that I have access to these spirit guides, and to tap into the intuition that is always there. I am grateful my spirit guides gave me Corinne to guide me on my path to healing, healing others and spreading more love and light to others.”



Saturday, April 27th, 2024

10 AM – 3 PM

A new series begins!

Find out more at: Shamanism 101 (Corinne)

Facilitator: Corinne Echols

Pre-requisite: Shamanism 101

Offered in March & October

Find out more at: Broom Making

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