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Cathy J

Cathy Jones RCST®, LMT, Sound Healer, Self Love Advocate

Cathy Jones is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. She has always been interested in health, wellness, and all things natural. She has spent her entire career (25 plus years) in the Health & Wellness Industry. Cathy had a surprising introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as well as the deep wisdom in all of our bodies when she was doing scalp massage with a client, and Cathy’s hands just started to move “like the bumpers on a pinball machine”. Within 60 seconds a longtime cranial pattern spontaneously released (See her website for the full story )

It was at that moment Cathy realized

  1. that there is a deeper wisdom within all of us that knows health and helps us to reconnect with it if we listen and
  2. If given the right space and contact, a body can feel safe enough to release tension, energy, and patterns from very old and new experiences.

Cathy wants everybody to know…Our bodies aren’t broken, they’re brilliant! Cathy creates a very safe and nurturing space for people to relax, unwind, release tension, settle the nervous system, and begin to create awareness around old patterns the body may be ready to resolve.


Cathy’s Programs

Guided Meditation

Thursday, July 18th, 2024

6:30 PM

COST: $26

Coming soon!

Coming soon!


“Cathy Jones is such a sweet soul with a magical touch. She is trauma informed, thoughtful, and very attuned to my body’s needs. I can walk in having a major chronic illness flareup and leave feeling almost normal. She is able to skillfully titrate by increasing touch or increasing space for certain parts of the body. She provides immediate relief and freedom from my symptoms. I have more energy, can perform better at work, and my nervous system feels more regulated, which increases my quality of sleep. Cathy is amazing and I would highly recommend her.”