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Lisa Jean

Intuitive Guide, Clari-tea, Runes, Breathwork Facilitator.

Lisa Jean, curator of possibilities, human potential, and spiritual awareness. Lisa Jean helps you define your YES and your KNOW, by blending the science of Breathwork and Somatic Coaching with divinely led intuitive guidance. She guides sessions from spirit, through spirit, to spirit!  

Lisa Jean believes curiosity is the key to the door that both holds us back or sets us free. With a deep connection to both the physical and spiritual realms, she believes passionately that intuition is our Superpower—a divine gift within each of us.

As a certified Reiki Master, Energy Alchemist, and Mindset Coach, Lisa Jean is dedicated to helping others connect to their intuition, release limiting beliefs, and transcend fear.



Step into a Clari-tea session, where intuition brews and inner wisdom steeps. This unique experience invites you to sip on clarity and connection, guided by intuitive insights that illuminate your path. Each session blends gentle tea rituals with personalized intuitive guidance, creating a safe container to explore and embrace your inner wisdom. Whether you’re seeking clarity on life decisions, navigating transitions, or simply yearning to reconnect with your intuition, Clari-tea offers a comforting blend of reflection, revelation, and renewal. Join me for a soul-nourishing journey where every sip brings you closer to your authentic self and the clarity you seek.

Rune Wisdom

Join me for a Rune reading that promises not just clarity, but a journey into the heart with a sprinkle of Nordic mythology and folklore. You’ll leave with more than just insights—you’ll carry with you the enchantment of a thousand-year-old tradition.

Empowered Breathwork 

Rejuvenate with the healing power within your body as you embark on a gentle introduction to conscious breathing. This session is your gateway to feeling refreshed and revitalized, as you unlock the secrets of deep relaxation and inner balance. Experience firsthand the profound benefits of breathwork in a welcoming and supportive environment!”

  • Release Tension and Stress
  • Enhance Clarity and Focus
  • Cultivate Relaxation and Inner Peace.
  • Tap into Your Inner Wisdom


  • 30 minutes $60
  • 60 minutes $120