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We offer spiritual education, resources and services to individuals that are interested in discovering their own spiritual gifts and healing powers. Our mission is to provide an open, respectful and inclusive space for individuals that are seeking spiritual support and guidance.We offer spiritual education, resources and services to individuals that are interested in discovering their own spiritual gifts and healing powers. Our mission is to provide an open, respectful and inclusive space for individuals that are seeking spiritual support and guidance.

We have a beautiful sacred space in Historical Littleton. We have a New Age Metaphysical Retail Store along with classrooms and practitioner rooms. Our DYSG family includes coaches, readers, healers and massage therapists.

Stop by and get a tour of the center. The staff would love to show our magical space. 

Our center was created to provide a sacred and safe place for everyone to be able to discover their spiritual gifts. 



This is the time that most people clear and reset their energies for the New Year. DYSG is offering 20% off the smudge sticks this month. Stop and stock up on your clearing supplies. 

Ask about our clearing kits. The staff can assist you picking up all that you need to clear and reset you space.

Store Updates


The Winter Spiritual Reader & Healer Fair is scheduled for Saturday, January 22nd from 10 AM - 5 PM. You can pre-book your appointments with our readers and healers at: Click here

Get 10% off retail purchases as well (during the fair only).

Free admission.


Don't miss this amazing event!!!

The program includes:

  • Educational Topics
  • Crystal Correspondence
  • Essential Oils Correspondence
  • Herb Correspondence
  • Crystal Energy Kits
  • Crystal Grid 
  • Exercises
  • Recipes
  • Rituals

Crystal Alchemy

This is a NEW program in 2022 - Register Early!!!!

Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.This program will provide powerful tools of alchemy. Vialet has been using crystals, essential oils and herbs for over ten years. She will be sharing her magical wisdom of integrating these elements into your daily life. 

Vialet is offering three options for taking this program:


Take the the class in-person with Vialet in Littleton, CO. You get the class + the spiral bound book along with the experience in class. This is a great way to connect with other attendees in the class. All the attendees will be granting access to the online course to complete for a certificate. 

Check out the schedule at: Click here



Take the class online. If you miss a program, you can catch it online. You can take on your schedule. If you complete the online program, you will receive a certificate of completion. Register at Click here



Vialet is writing the books this year. She will be posting them to her Author page as they are completed. You can purchase the soft-bound book at our store or online at: Click here


Akashic Record Certification

The Akashic Records or the "Book of Life" is the super-mainframe storage system where all information is stored etherically on every soul. The Records contain the information on every thought, word spoken and action that every individual has experienced since the dawn of Creation. It is a powerful system that is interactive and influential on our lives, relationships, belief systems, programming and potential possibilities in the future.

Vialet offers three levels of certification for the Akashic Records:

  • Level 1: This one is about connecting to the Records. 
  • Level II : This one is about healing old wounds and patterns
  • Level III: This one is about mastering your life and taking the wheel
  • Take all three at a discounted price: Click here

NOTE: The success of this program is based on your ability to connect to your intuitive gifts. If you are already connected, this will take you to the next level of wisdom and guidance. 

Today, Vialet offers Level 1 online. You can find at more at: Click here

Online Education

Did you know that Discover Your Spiritual Gifts has online education programs? We offer a variety of programs that allow the individual to go at their own pace. There are no schedules or timelines. You get to complete the programs on your own schedule. 

Check out the website: 


Angelic Group

Are you being called to this sacred path? Are you ready to connect to your divinity? 

The next Sacred Priesthood group is starting on June 5th, 2022. Vialet starts a group once a year. This will be offered one Sunday a month. 

This is a sacred journey of connecting with your divine being and transforming your life as you align with your gifts and purpose. Sacredness is the reverance that we hold for ourselves, others and the space around us. When was the last time that you held a place of sacredness for yourself? You are a divine being that is loved and cherished for who you are and the spiritual journey that you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.

This program will reconnect you with your divine purpose of living a life of grace, compassion and love for yourself and humanity.

Find out more at: Sacred Priesthood

Practitioner Rooms

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts (DYSG) has practitioner rooms for rent. These rooms can be rented one day a week. The rooms are beautifully decorated and they offer small business owners a sacred space to be able to schedule and work with their clients. 

The rooms are equipped with a accent chairs, table, massage table, storage, white noise and blue tooth players. DYSG has a laundry service that cleans and santizes all the bedding for practitioners. 

Find out more at: Click here

Practitioner rooms

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Store Testimonials & Reviews

We find the customers spend a couple of hours in the center on their first visit. If you have not come to the center or been given a tour, the staff will offer you a tour to see the center and to meet some of the individuals working at the center. Our customers come back again and again. See some of the feedback we have gotten on the individuals that purchased with us. 

"A gorgeous space with great people and selection. Can't wait to take a class some time!"

"The staff was just outstanding and elite in finding customers needs including mine during my hour & a 1/2 period of time there"

"I really enjoyed myself. The atmosphere is very family oriented and I can't believe it took me so long to find out about you. Thank you so much for being here. Discover Your Spiritual Gifts is the place to hang out and dream." S. Smith

"I love the vibe and everyone was really helpful!!! I am so glad I found y’all 💕💕💕"

"Be prepared to get in to a place full of energy!!!"

"Love you ! Thanks for being there!!"

"I love your store and everyone has been helpful and amazing. I’ve had energy session with Richelle, and a card reading with Theresa.  Love love love"

"I love shopping at DYSG!"

"Love Vialet. Warm and nurturing, explained everything so easily. Felt like amount of info provided was massive but not overwhelming. It's still integrating, and the healings went very deep. Want your purple chair! See you on my next visit from NC.💕"

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Business & Retail Hours

Monday - Friday from 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

CLOSED: New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas

CLOSED AT 4 PM: New Year's Eve, Fourth of July & Christmas Eve

Address & Parking

5808 S Rapp St, Suite 275
Littleton, CO 80120

FREE PARKING at Little Creek Building & across the street beside Olde Steele Gun Shop.

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