The center is going back to its ROOTS. Our goal was to create community with like-minded individuals that are seeking spiritual education and support on their spiritual journey. We will continue to offer numerous classes and programs on a variety of topics along with professional services.


RETAIL STORE: We do NOT have a retail store at our new location. The center experienced a decline in traffic and sales over the last couple of years. We find that most people shop online for the convenience. Vialet will have a small retail section at the center for her students and programs.

STAFF: We do not have staff at the center answering the phone and greeting customers. You may leave a message or email us at: You can register for classes and schedule appointments online with our new website.


DYSG is a Spiritual Education & Event Center. We offer a wide-variety of programs each month. It is important to our team to provide you with an amazing learning experience. home and connect with community. We love our community and encourage you to connect with each other.

What makes us different? 

  • We offer 30+ in-person classes each month.
  • We offer a variety of classes, events, and programs.
  • We offer playshops, spiritual classes, and certification programs.
  • We offer Mystery School programs. 
  • We offer several online classes and programs.


Our readers are committed to providing you a professional reading. They have a variety of gifts including akashic record readers, animal communicators, channelers, intuitive readers, mediums, psychic readers, tarot readers, and oracle readers.

  • 30 minute readings for $60
  • 60 minute readings for $110

You can book your readings: Book A Reading

We have a house reader available every day at the center. We recommend pre-booking to ensure that they are available.

  • Monday – Friday: 12 PM – 6 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday: 12 PM – 5 PM


Taking the time to love yourself should be your first priority. Our practitioners offer a variety of services to support you on your spiritual journey. It can be overwhelming sorting through all the bios and information. I would love to offer you some suggstions:

  1. REFLECTION: Take a pause and reflect on what you need the most. Do you need to surrender, release, & heal? Do you need clarity, direction, and guidance? We have sessions that can assist you with both of these directions. 
  2. PICK A PRACTITIONER: Check out the photos and profiles to see who you resonate with. You should follow your inner guidance when selecting a practitioner. 
  3. COMMIT: You need to commit to the process. You may need several sessions or a combination of services. 

Mystery School 

For centuries, the mystery schools were hidden in plain sight and they contain the secret mysteries of the ancient teachings. These initiatives build beautiful temples all over the world and they provided services both to the public and behind closed doors. The only individuals that had access to these sacred teachings were “those who have eyes to see” and “those who have ears to hear.” 

The Sacred Temple Mystery School offers four (4) sacred paths of higher teachings.