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Cord Cutting

When we experience a strong emotion that last fifteen (15) minutes or more, we become attached to that experience and we become corded to the emotional attachment. This attachment can be from an individual, a behavior, a situation, or an event. These emotional cords and attachments are the root causes of the emotional triggers that surface in our relationships and experiences.

Who will benefit from these sessions:

  • Anyone that has ended a relationship.
  • Anyone that has experienced conflicts in relationships.
  • Anyone that has been rejected from a group, organization, or company.
  • Anyone that has suffered from abuse or trauma.
  • Anyone that has been disappointed.
  • Anyone that is struggling with behavioral patterns or additions.
  • Anyone that is feeling broken, wounded, or stuck in their life.


All of the relationships in our lives directly influence our emotional reactions and can cause triggers in all our relationships. When was the last time you did or said something that was outside your normal character?

Everyone deserves to experience healthy relationships. We encourage everyone to get a series of emotional cord cuttings with their partners, parents, grandparents, and children. These sessions allow these relationships to grow and evolve in a healthy space.

A cord cutting does not sever the relationship. It creates a healthy balance in our relationships by dissolving emotions created by the disappointments, pain, and wounds that have occurred, intentionally or unintentionally. How many times have you said or did something that hurt another individual without being aware of it? These sessions bring in healthy balance in loving and/or difficult relationships.

  • Difficult family relationships.
  • Loving family relationships.
  • Difficult and painful friendships.
  • Severing the ties after divorce or breakups.


Individuals that have experienced abusive or traumatic relationships and experiences are able to dissolve the emotional triggers created. These situations are deeply rooted in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. These sessions focus on unwinding the energies created over time, allowing us to be freed from our own emotional prison. This is the path to a healthy and joyful life.

  • Emotional, Mental, & Physical abuse from relationships.
  • Sexual abuse from relationships.
  • Traumatic situation or experiences.


Individuals that have been rejected or pushed out of a group, organization, or company can heal these wounds of betrayal and shame. When it comes to group rejection, cord cutting can be a beneficial practice to dissolve the emotional attachments, disappointments, and deep wounds created from the experience. This type of healing helps people gain clarity on the group relationship and move toward feeling confident in trusting another group in the future.

  • Rejection from your family or loved ones.
  • Rejection from a group of friends.
  • Rejection from a job or department.
  • Rejection from a social group or organization.
  • Rejection from a spiritual group or organization.


Individuals that struggle with unhealthy behaviors and addictions are dealing with shadow aspects of themselves that they have not healed and worked on. Cord cuttings can be a valuable tool for shadow work, which involves exploring and integrating the darker aspects of ourselves, parts that may have been repressed or denied. When you work to heal these parts of you, you begin to feel more whole. Some of our unhealthy behaviors and addictions come from the inner battle we each have with ourselves.

What are the BENEFITS of doing this work?

  • The painful experience will become a story devoid of the emotional attachment and pain.
  • The triggers created from past experiences are diminished or no longer exist.
  • Your relationships become healthier.
  • Your current perspective will not be tarnished from past relationships and experiences.
  • Freedom from the emotional influences of the loved ones in your life.


We recommend that you complete your sessions within 5-10 days apart. This allows you to process and integrate their healing from one session to the next session. Vialet provides you with homework and support in shifting these energies mentally and emotionally.

Make sure that to support this healing process with self-care techniques. Get plenty of sleep. Eat and drink healthy. Drink plenty of water.

The first session will be focused on how the cords and attachments affect your physical body and experience. This will include your health, career/profession, and financial abundance. During this session, Vialet will check your etheric fields for etheric hooks, implants, and binding. The individual may experience physical symptoms including cold, digestive discomfort, exhaustion, and restlessness.

The second session will be focused on how the cords and attachments have impacted your emotions. This will include your emotional balance, reactions, and triggers within relationships and experiences. You may experience crying, sobbing, emotional rollercoasters, etc. after the session until you complete the next cord cutting.

The third session will be focused on the cords and attachments that affect your thoughts.. These include beliefs, programming, and values. How many of your beliefs and values are not aligned with who you are? These sessions bring in big questions such as: “Is this my truth?” This session will shift your perspective and any mental fog will be lifted as you gain clarity on the situation.

The fourth session will be focused on the cords and attachments that have impacted your divine connection and intuitive gifts. This allows you to strengthen your beliefs and connection to the Divine, Source, God, etc. You will begin to experience your life without the baggage of the past.

The fifth session is a powerful invocation that clears the agreements, contracts, and declarations surrounding the situation in the Akashic Records. This session brings back any soul fragments that have been released due to a lack of self love. These fragments are integrated in a healthy manner alongside the wisdom of the experience, without the wounds and pain.

Vialet offers three types of sessions: 

One Session: These sessions are for the emotional reaction and/or attachment to a specific experience or day. This session would be for someone that has experienced a difficult day. It will clear the emotions and attachment to the events that have occurred on that day. If you continue to feel triggered by the relationship or the memory of the incident in your past, you may need a cord-cutting. An example: A co-worker set you up to fail on a project at work. Your manager was disappointed with the outcome, and you were blamed for the failure of the project. 

Five Sessions (RECOMMEND): These sessions are for emotional attachments that have been impacting your life for more than five years. These attachments could be a relationship that had a direct impact on your life, based on the emotional tiggers that occur on a regular basis. These will create negative or toxic relationships with spouses, partners, friendships, family pets, bosses, co-workers, etc. These types of relationships will have deep emotional attachments and triggers. Some attachments can come from common stressful situations like: loss of job, moving, divorce, loss of loved one, and/or broken relationships with family and friends.

You may also choose to cut cords with parents, children, and current relationships to bring in emotional and mental balance. These sessions bring in healthy communications and connections with the individuals that you love. Our experiences with the people in our lives can create emotional cords and attachments that are formed from a negative experience and interaction that was not resolved in a healthy manner. These can take root and create blocks that affect all of our relationships.   

Sixteen Sessions: These sessions are for emotional attachments that have been created by relationships that have been part of your entire life. These could be the emotional attachments with your grandparents, parents, and/or siblings within your life. Extreme trauma that has been experienced by you or your family can be cleared and healed with these sessions. Some examples of extreme trauma might include situations of abuse, rape, murder, etc. This may also include life-changing incidents that have caused post traumatic stress disorder. 

You may have character flaws that you would like to heal and release. Some examples would be: compulsive behaviors, road rage, self-sabotage (both professional and personal), passive aggressive behavior, self-sacrifice, low confidence, arrogance, etc. These situations can vary from four to sixteen sessions, depending on the severity. 


Everyone needs to experience life based on their own experiences and belief systems. When you heal and release the emotional attachment, you are able to experience life without the emotional tiggers. It allows you to live a healthy life without the influences of the emotional attachment. 

Did you know that when you invest in healing yourself that you actually heal seven generations back and seven generations forward. Think about the healing needed for your family and/or ancestral line. As a family, we tend to pass our emotional and mental imbalances, belief systems, generational programming, and physical diseases and illnesses from one generation to the next. What things are you ready to release?

Everyone has emotional attachments and cords to their relationships, experiences, and behavior patterns that they have created through their lifetime. These create emotional triggers in our lives. I highly recommend five sessions to complete the healing process.

  • Do you believe that you have emotional attachments?
  • Are old relationships still impacting your current relationships?
  • Do you have emotional patterns or behaviors that need healing?


Vialet offers these sessions for an affordable price to encourage her clients to get more cord-cuttings to improve their lives.


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