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You can listen to the meditation here:


Find a comfortable place without distraction.

Set your Sacred Space.

Light a candle.

Take some deep, cleansing breaths.

Allow each breath, in and out, to center and ground you.

You may pause the video until you are ready to begin.

When you are ready push play and begin the meditation. (Pause)


Allow yourself to move into your heart space.

Your heart has much to share with you.

As you move into your heart space, you find yourself in your favorite place.

This space holds many joyful memories for you.

It could be your favorite vacation spot, your favorite place as a child, or it could be a special place that you have created within your meditations.

Take a moment and open your crown chakra.

You may feel, see, or just know that your crown chakra has expanded.

Archangel Chamuel has come to join you in this special place.

She shares with you that love is a universal language.

Love should be given unconditionally without limitations.

As you look at her hands, you can see pink ray energy flowing from her hands and all around her.

She steps close to you and asks permission to send this loving energy into your Crown Chakra. (Pause)

She instructs you to surrender and allow the love to flow freely through your body.

Visualize this pink ray energy moving down into your heart space.

Breathe in the energy into every cell of your body. 

Allow this energy to heal the deep wounds within you.

Release the heaviness that surrounds your heart space. (Pause)

It is time for you to heal and to free yourself from the pain and sorrow you hold.

You may feel it moving as it unblocks all stuck and stagnant energy that you hold in your body.

Keep breathing and feel the love of the Divine filling your entire body. (Pause)

You may see the pink ray, you may feel the love, you may just know that you are being surrounded by unconditional love.

Chamuel takes your hands and moves you into an English Garden filled with roses.

The garden has a variety of roses.

There are red, pink, and white roses all around you.

The garden has a beautiful sitting area and Chamuel guides you to sit with her in the garden.

She shares with you the importance of loving yourself.

She asks you to listen to your soul.

What does your soul and heart want you to know about loving yourself? (Pause)

What does your emotional body crave? (Pause)

What does your mental body need? (Pause)

What does your physical body want you to know? (Pause)

You have a limited amount of Life Force Energy.

You reduce your Life Force Energy with high levels of stress.

It is time to listen to your inner guidance system.

Chamuel wraps her wings around you.

She tells you that you are important too!!

What commitments are you willing to make for your own well-being?

What can you do to love yourself more on a daily or weekly basis?

You are worth it.

You are divine.

You are loved.

You are sacred.

Take a moment to hold a space of gratitude for this experience and this connection with Chamuel. (Pause)

Take some last deep breaths and begin to disconnect.


Now, let’s return to this space and time.

With intention, bring your awareness back into the present.

Start moving your fingers and toes.

Slowly come back into this space and time.

Welcome back.


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You can listen the meditation video at:



Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

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