Leni Hester has been a student of divine Mysteries her whole life.  She has been reading Tarot and studying divination since her teens.  Leni brings years of academic (M.A in Literature) and personal training (Reiki, somatic healing, Curanderismo) in the sacred traditions of her Ancestors into her readings, which are full of gentle insight and compassionate humor.   A longtime ritualist, readings with Leni can help focus, refine and guide the client, especially in times of transition, spiritual awakening, and stress.  Using Tarot and other card oracles, as well as her own spiritual Allies, Leni facilitates her clients’ abilities to access their own internal wisdom and guidance, to help create the life they truly desire.  She is the founder of Three Cauldrons Arcana, a spiritual advisory and ritual design consulting practice.



Leni offers psychic readings via Tarot and oracle cards. She is a backup reader at our center. You may contact her directly to schedule a session.

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