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Rain is a board certified spiritual & clinical hypnotist, psychic, medical intuitive & a galactic healer. Working with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses & the Lords of the Akash allows her to give deep, insightful readings bringing love, clarity & purpose. 

She offers past life regressions, inner child regressions & regressions designed for self-discovery. Her abilities as a psychic & time explored in universes allow her to walk clients through sessions both earthly, galactic & other dimensional. 

Rains soul healing sessions are powerful & guided by Nova Gaia (New Earth) energy.

Her journey as a practitioner began with Reiki & medical intuitive sessions & over time became a combination of other modalities including her own to create the most effective shift for her clients self-healing. These sessions are done very intuitively, in direct communication with the higher Self, body, aura, chakras & the tree of life within the client to create a wholesome experience. 

Sessions may include toning, cord cutting, curse removal, aromatherapy, attunements, DNA work, ancestral work, inner child work, sound, activations, entity removal & coding (reprogramming the subconscious). 

Rain also offers Astral Travel Training in a one on one setting. $90 (3-4 HR training)

She specializes in womb healings & fertility issues. 

Fluent in Turkish & English 

Check out her website for more details.

Or Message Her (720)387-5197


Rain offers in-person sessions on Sundays and Tuesdays. She has virtual sessions on Thursday, Friday, & Saturdays.

Psychic Readings 

  • 1 hour -$200
  • 45 mins – $150
  • 30 mins – $100

Soul Healing

  • 1 hour $155

Nova Gaia Ascension Healing (Also known as higher self healing)

  • 1 hour $200

DNA , Light Body Activation & Deep 4 Body Cleanse

  • 90 mins $288 


  • $200 first regression(3 hours)  $175 after (2hours)


“I went to see Rain after experiencing a tremendous loss and in my life and facing residual pain in my abdomen. I was in such pain that I spent a week in bed and a day in the hospital. I knew it wasn’t medical, it was energetic. Rain released all of my abdominal pain and allowed me to unveil parts of myself that needed to be seen.. all in one hour. I’m looking forward to following up for a reading and additional healing sessions. She is truly powerful. I’ve seen psychics before but no one like Rain. She’s the real deal and has a unique gift.”




“My experience with Rain was amazing. We focused on the cosmic realms of healing and explored current dynamics in my life with a very insightful reading. These discussions have been the impetus for further exploration and self management. During the healing my chakras were impacted in a positive and beautiful way. She communicated with the energies around me and has relayed these messages for me to sit with. Her encouragement for positive shifting was the biggest takeaway :)”




‘Rain is a beautiful soul. Experienced in numerous areas and deeply committed to your highest and best with every session. I have worked with her doing space clearing, healing, Spiritual readings, and mentorship. She works both in person and remotely, accessing your energy field to assist with the highest healing for your body, mind, and spirit. Her classes are profound and deeply healing.”




“I was intuitively lead for a womb healing. I was feeling a heavy/tightness in my lower abdomen with limited range of motion where my c-section scar is. During my first interaction with Rain she immediately started channeling things about me that she otherwise had no other way of knowing. She said the heaviness I was feeling was because I have a hard time releasing/crying and when we got in the room – within the first five minutes, she unearthed something so profound I don’t have the words to describe it… She started asking about my daughter’s birth story and she confirmed my NDE (near death experience). After nearly ten years of feeling so confused about the details of that night it finally all made sense! 

The healing, forgivingness, surrender and trust I gained from that one session was beyond my wildest expectations! I am deeply grateful for her connection to her guides, to Source, and for sharing her gifts. This is only one of the many stories I can share… She also told me I would be going on a trip soon (when I had 0 plans – only daydreams) she told me Source was confused with all my ideas, to pick one, and communicate it to the universe. So, I did, and sure enough, ten days later I got an email confirming my reservation to a mediation retreat in Mt. Shasta, California I had been on the waitlist for months. The retreat was the following week (Nov 24th-28th – Thanksgiving week) and when I say everything manifested effortlessly (all the logistics – the flights, lodging, my co-parenting schedule, etc.) with such short notice, during a holiday week, I was blown away! Do yourself a favor and go see Rain. She’s magick!”




“Hey everyone! I just had to share my incredible experience with Rain at Lady Sapphire. I recently had a past life regression and energy reading/healing session and it was absolutely transformative.

First off, Rain’s energy is so warm and welcoming, it instantly put me at ease. During the past life regression, she skillfully guided me through memories that I didn’t even know I had. It was like unlocking a hidden door to my soul. The insights I gained from that experience were really healing for me.

As far as energy reading/healing she has this incredible ability to pinpoint the areas that needed healing, and it felt like a warm, soothing wave washing over me. I could literally feel the energy shifting and releasing blockages. It was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I walked away from the sessions feeling lighter, more connected, and with a deeper understanding of myself. I can honestly say that these experiences were some of the most beneficial and healing encounters I’ve ever had.

If you’re looking for someone with genuine gifts and a caring approach, I highly recommend Rain.”



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