Sarah is an intuitive healer, reader, and life path coach. She uses multiple modalities including Tarot, astrology, and numerology to track and trace the flow of energy in the collective environment as well as for the individual. 

Sarah is skilled in interpreting classical and traditional Tarot as well as uses a variety of supplemental decks for more specific and individualized messages. Her training and expertise specialize in Chaldean Numerology and Huber/Koch Method- Psychological Astrology. She works with clients, helping to guide them on their paths to self-discovery. Sarah regularly uses the Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology in her life to better understand and access the higher knowledge and greater awareness that creates ease in our lives and the answers our greatest questions. 

Sarah is skilled in intuitive, psychological, and question-answer types of Tarot readings. She uses a variety of styles, spreads, and supplemental decks, offering her clients different approaches and focus to the interpretation of the cards. 

“I understand that my clients are all so different and they come to me for different reasons; therefore, the goal of the session is kept open to the specific needs of the individual.” 

Sarah combines her training on the ancient knowledge of numbers, planets, and the stars with the divine wisdom in the Tarot to illuminate your situation or current circumstance, explore possible paths and outcomes, and to empower your choices, making you the creator of your own destiny. Her style is directly linked to the celestial energy constantly at play and pays homage to the cyclical flow of life. The use of elements and astrology in Tarot readings adds a layer of interpretation and can aid in furthering your understanding of yourself and place in the world, helping you to better understand what the cards are telling you.

She is our House Reader on Wednesdays from 12 PM – 6 PM. Sarah offers in-person and virtual readings.

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Clients love her readings

Her clients love her readings. Check out some of the feedback below.


“I have never had an in-depth astrology read before. Sarah was thoughtful and very clear in her description and explanation of my chart. Provided me with answers that I had regarding past & present, and insight into what the future holds, and the steps that I should look at taking. Non-judgmental on her part. Just a pretty clear picture and ‘aha’ moments for me.”




“Sarah is so incredibly knowledgeable and her energy radiates a room. Her readings are so informative and insightful. I will be a returning client to Sarah for sure, she is such a stellar spiritual guide and coach! I am so grateful to have found her!”




“Over the past twenty years, I’ve consulted many astrologers, but Sarah stands out remarkably. Her deep understanding of astrology and her ability to craft a resonating narrative of my cosmic journey impressed me profoundly. Sarah’s genuine passion, personable approach, and uncanny intuition fostered trust and a unique connection during our session. More than just informative, our time together was transformative and uplifting, reigniting my purpose and deepening my connection to the cosmos. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah for anyone seeking meaningful astrological guidance.” 



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