Come Vibe With Tina Marie!

I am a soulpeneur who has been on a journey to my sense of soul. I have always known I was intuitive, but on my journey it was revealed to me that my purpose is to be of service to others by using the abilities I have been led to connect to. My soul desires to share my loving spirit while helping others receive from spirit with guidance though readings and energy work!

As a Colorado native I love to spend most seasons outdoors connecting to Mother Earth and I strongly advocate to reduce, reuse, and recycle! I am crafty and love to create handmade dream catchers.

I am a Intuitive Reiki Certified lightworker that will help guide you to stay aligned with your purpose and keep your chakras balanced. I incorporate the use of my buffalo drum, shaker, and pendulum during energy work sessions. I utilize my tarot cards as a divine tool to help deliver psychic messages during readings.


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