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Psychic Energy Translator, Reiki Master Teacher & Doula

Tina provides psychic guidance through her connection to spirit. She will connect with your soul and the souls of the spirit team that is with you to relay what messages spirit has for you. This guidance may come from your higher self, the god you believe in, angels, ancestors, elementals, future children, and/or loved ones and pets that have passed on. You may ask questions or choose to just receive the messages spirit gives you though Tina. 

Tina is a Reiki Master Teacher in both Usui and Angelic Reiki. She hosts small classes for Usui Reiki I & II Certifications. For Reiki III & Teacher level Certifications she co-teaches with her Reiki Master at a local retreat once a year.

In her healing sessions she implements non-traditional Reiki techniques, Featherway, as well as, some gentle and vibrationally uplifting musical instruments into every energy session.

She is both a birth and death doula. She is currently offering services only as a death doula. Death services with Tina include end of life sessions that are designed individually for each client and their family. 

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  • Psychic Readings
  • Mediumship
  • Animal Communication
  • Tarot & Oracle 
  • Pendulum 
  • Reiki for humans and animals

COST: $75 for 30 minutes AND $150 for 60 minutes

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