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Elemental: Dragons


This series will introduce you to the Elemental Kingdom. Do we carry these energies into this lifetime? Do we connect with these energies on a deeper level than we know? Vialet will share her perspective of these divine beings. She has recognized these elemental energies on a soul level in the individuals in her life and she will share with you some of the similarities that individuals carry that align with each of these groups. 

NOTE: The information provided in the books/class is for entertainment purposes. There is no proof or documentation that the information provided is true. However, you may find that it resonates within you as some level of truth and you may event begin to believe yourself.


Thursday, January 16th, 2025

3 PM & 6 PM

COST: $45

  • Activity: Candle Ritual with the Dragons

Register EARLY! Experience with someone you love.

Limited: 8 attendees

Book Agenda

  • Cave of Dreams Meditation
  • Are you a Dragon?
  • What element are you?
  • Who in your life is a dragon?
  • About Dragons
  • Blessings & Challenges
  • Dragons & Earth
  • Magical Names
  • Activity: Dragon Candle Ritual

70 pages book

The attendees will receive a hatching dragon egg.