Visit the center on Friday & Saturday 12 PM – 5 PM

Planting Seeds Ritual

Vialet sets a beautiful ceremony focused on planting seeds this Spring for your life. Do you love rituals and ceremony? You will love participating in this event. Bring a friend or family member and join us for this beautiful ceremony.

This will be an active ritual that will allow you to create and/or experience sacred tools in all the directions. Vialet will open the program with a meditation for planting new seeds in their life. Do you want to plant seeds for love, prosperity, health, relationships, divine connection, or spiritual growth?

  • EAST: Starting with a Clear Intention
  • SOUTH: Planting the Seed for Creation (Potting a Plant)
  • WEST: Creating Commitments of Action
  • NORTH: Painting Our Word on a Rock

Take this opportunity to plant some new seeds for your life. When we take the time for ritual and ceremony, we can manifest our dreams into reality.


Everyone will receive a journal book for this program. The book will include:

  • Oracle Card messages
  • Setting Intentions
  • Power of I AM
  • Planting Your Seed
  • Committing to Action
  • Your Power Word

If you love rituals and ceremony, you will love this program. Bring a friend or family member to experience this program.

COST: $55

Limited Space: 12 people