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Sacredness of the Soul

Do you understand that you are sacred and divine?

As a divine being, our soul is drawn to sacred places and spaces. The sacred energies remind us of our divinity.

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The dictionary defines sacredness as (1) Being devoted or dedicated to deity or to some religious purpose. (2) Religious respect by association with divinity or divine things. (3) Being reverent. The definition seems to lean more into a religious context.

Sacredness refers to the quality or state of being sacred, which is typically associated with holiness, reverence, or divine significance. It relates to things, places, ideas, or practices that are considered special, set apart, or deserving of respect and reverence.

My definition is Sacredness is the dedication and devotion of holding divine space through respect, rituals, and service for yourself, and others. 

What if everyone held a divine space of respect for themselves and others?

The word sacred is ancient and has been included in many religious traditions and texts. It is associated with the reverence that individuals hold for the Divine through ceremony, prayers, rituals, spaces, and writings. Have you ever visited a sacred site or place?

When you bring sacredness into your life, you create some balance of peace in a hectic world. Most individuals are buried in their to-do lists, commitments, and task lists. They are unable to pause to smell the roses and to bring sacredness into their lives.

Does your soul crave for you to remember who you are?

Your soul has an eternal essence that transcends physical existence. It contains the consciousness of your being. It holds all the thoughts and emotions you have ever experienced in all your lifetimes. Your soul is connected to a higher power or universal consciousness that exists everywhere and in everything. This connection to source is unconditionally sacred. You are loved no matter how you choose to live your life.

I believe that every soul holds a unique journey and divine purpose throughout all lifetimes. You have created soul agreements for the experiences you would like to have in this lifetime. These experiences are part of your spiritual evolution. Your choices have consequences that lead to the outcomes within our lives. You are a sovereign sacred being. Your sovereignty means that you are accountable and responsible for the choices that you make.

When you can truly remember who you are, you will understand that you are divine and sacred. Creating sacredness in your life can assist you in navigating the energies of your life with grace and ease. There are many ways to bring sacredness into your life including:

  • Setting a sacred altar in your space.
  • Spending time in meditation or stillness.
  • Take time for daily prayer.
  • Bring sacred rituals to your daily routines.
  • Hold a space of reverence for yourself and others.

My goal is to bring sacredness back into our lives to support our soul’s journey and experiences. I believe that it is important for our spiritual evolution. When individuals are called to the Sacred Temple, they are being called to the path of Sacred Priesthood. This program will transform your life forever.

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Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet’s spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.

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