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New Moon in Capricorn: A Time to Plant Seeds of Freedom and Value

The new moon is a time of new beginnings, when we can set our intentions for the next six months and start fresh. On January 11th, 2024, at 4:57am MST, the new moon will occur in Capricorn, the sign of ambition, responsibility, and structure. This new moon will bring a powerful energy of freedom, change, and value to our lives, as it forms harmonious and challenging aspects with other planets in the sky. Let’s explore what this new moon means for us and how we can make the most of it.

Themes of the Capricorn New Moon

The keynote of this new moon is freedom. There is a zest for life and independence, and we do not want to be fenced in by limitations or expectations. We may feel restless and rebellious, seeking new experiences and adventures. We may also feel irritable or impatient with children, and must stay aware to overcome rashness or impulsiveness. We could experience difficulties due to a tendency to dominate others, or not consider their needs. It can be hard to see outside of our own interests, and we may need to balance our individuality with our social responsibility.

Another theme of this new moon is value. We are planting seeds of true value, and learning a lesson in what really matters to us. We must earn the peace and stability we seek, and not take anything for granted. We may face problems around selfishness, greed, or materialism, and we may need to reassess our priorities and goals. Value can be gained through property and building, and we may be drawn to invest in our home, family, or business. We may also find value in our traditions, heritage, and roots, and honor our ancestors and elders.

The House of the Capricorn New Moon

The house of the Capricorn New Moon in your natal chart indicates the area of your life where you can apply these themes and set your intentions. The Capricorn New Moon will activate the Second House for the collective, which is the house of money, possessions, values, and self-worth. This new moon is asking us to plant seeds to continue growing our evolving sense of values, and to align our financial and material goals with our spiritual and emotional needs. We may want to create more security and stability in our lives, and to attract more abundance and prosperity. We may also want to improve our self-esteem and confidence, and to express our talents and gifts with the world.

The Aspects of the Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn New Moon will form three main aspects with other planets in the sky, creating opportunities and challenges for us, here on the ground. Some of the energies we may encounter with these aspects and what they could mean for you:

  • Trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: This aspect brings a positive and exciting energy of change, innovation, and freedom. We may feel inspired and creative, and ready to break out of our comfort zones to try new things. We could have sudden insights or revelations that awaken us to new possibilities and perspectives. We may also experience unexpected events or surprises that shake up our routines and plans. This aspect can help us to embrace change and to express our individuality and originality.
  • Square North Node in Aries: This aspect indicates a conflict or tension between our new moon impulse and our soul’s purpose or direction. We may feel torn between following our own path or conforming to what others expect from us. We may also face a crisis or a challenge that requires a sacrifice or a choice. This aspect can help us to grow and evolve, and to align our actions with our destiny.
  • Square South Node in Libra: This aspect represents a struggle or resistance to let go of the past or old patterns that no longer serve us. We may cling to what is familiar or comfortable, or to people or situations that hold us back. We may also repeat mistakes or behaviors that undermine our progress or happiness. This aspect can help us to release and heal, and to move forward with courage and faith.
  • Sextile Neptune in Pisces: This aspect brings a harmonious and supportive energy of spirituality, creativity, and compassion. We may feel more connected to our intuition and imagination, and to our dreams and visions. We may also feel more empathic and altruistic, and want to help and serve others. Just be sure to not sacrifice yourself in the process. This aspect can help us to manifest our goals and to attract what we desire.

How to Make the Most of the Capricorn New Moon

The Capricorn New Moon is a powerful time to set our intentions and start new projects or plans that are aligned with our values and purpose. Here are some tips on how to make the most of this new moon:

  • Visualize, then write down your goals and intentions for the next six months, and be as specific and realistic as possible. Focus on what you want to achieve, create, or improve in your life, and how you want to feel.
  • Stay optimistic, and use affirmations, images, or symbols to reinforce your vision and to activate your subconscious mind. You can gain extraordinary wisdom at this time that will help you to tap into your power. When you are positive and satisfied with yourself and the goals you hope to realize, your success is within reach!
  • Pause to consider how you can INTENTIONALLY take steps that move you closer to your goals and intentions,  be consistent, and disciplined. Follow your intuition and guidance, and be open to new opportunities and possibilities. Don’t be afraid to play with different ideas, be flexible and adaptable, and adjust your plans as needed.
  • Celebrate your achievements and successes, and acknowledge your progress and growth. Reward yourself and express gratitude for what you have and what you receive. Share your joy and abundance with others, and inspire them with your example.

This Capricorn New Moon is a time to plant seeds of freedom and value, and to create the life we want. By setting our intentions and taking action, we can manifest our dreams and goals, and make a positive difference in the world. Find faith in the process of growth and be self-assured that You have the talents and skills required, at this time, to achieve your objective!

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