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Passionate Living in Self Sourcing

As a guide for my clients, I find myself talking about flow & fire often. Whether it’s fertility issues, financial problems, depression, anxiety, repetitive cycles, relationship issues or career related problems they all lead to a core wound that usually stems from faith, passion, trust, safety, willpower & confidence. 

In the world today I am aware that not a lot of safety remains. So, people take control in ways that seem safe. A safe job, a safe home, a safe car, a safe relationship. Anything safe needs to be understood in a new light. People look for stability. People look for authenticity, appreciation, joy, respect, love, and communication in jobs and relationships they remain in only for the sake of safety. We have all done this at some point in our lives because the 3-dimensional world feels dense & unpredictable. I am aware that safety plays a big role in children’s development. It is how safe a child feels as they grow up that determines how willing they are to take risks in the future and follow what brings them joy instead. But how do we find peace and joy as adults who did not experience safety in their childhood? How do we awaken the potential within us to live lives that are fulfilling and not just safe? How do we find relationships that continuously rise in vibration and bring out the kundalini power in us every day that we can use for any sort of creation? The kundalini is the untapped energy within us that needs to be ignited through sexual energy, creativity, passion, love & flow. This energy lies dormant especially in those who seek to live a comfortable, safe, peaceful life that remains balanced. This is why we go through some of the ups and downs of childhood, teenage years, early adult years to experience the things we have to so that something in us awakens and says, “I am inspired!” “I feel passionate about creating change!” “I will be my own leader!” “I will!” Because that passion, that pain, that suffering is enough fuel for a lifetime to source any sort of creation people want to manifest into the world as they live their comfortable, peaceful adult lives!

Unfortunately, what really happens is that people carry the pain as a burden. People carry the outcomes as disappointments that they believe will continue to happen in their lives. So how can we become the alchemists we are meant to be and use all that pain we have been gifted with so that we have all the fuel needed to remain a magician, a warrior of the light in our adult years?

I have created a self-sourcing system that is very easy to understand and is a very simple process. I would like to share this with you so you can start to live in passion instead of pain & fear. All you must do is think of a person, an event, a timeline that caused you a lot of pain. Put all those emotions including the energy you used into a bubble of consciousness that situation fills. Remember, the more deeply you feel the more potent the energy and so the more the pure life force energy power it holds. Envision the bubble in your mind’s eye and start to feel it. Then, just like that, transmute it through visualization and intention into sparkly fiery golden light that is everything that event, person etc. was for you but purified of its pain. Now, envision a cord from that bubble to you that feeds you this energy. Whether you connect it to your crown, your third eye, your heart flame or belly button make sure you watch it flow into you. As this energy flows in you will feel inspiration from the deep emotions this situation awakened within you, you will feel a sense of drive, joy, uplifted energy that pushes you into creativity. Some situations are so powerful that you can do this with it every time you need to feel inspired, motivated and are looking to create. The violet flame is also another way of transmuting all the suffering and pain into pure spiritual power & strength. These two methods accompanied by envisioning of the cord feeding you like your own little Sun is a very powerful method to feed yourself as you sacrifice your own and receive abundance for it. It is like turning lead into gold in every which way without needing anything from the outside world. 

Now, once you have done this for a while, and have been using your own resources you will come to a point where you will be wanting a partner that adds to this passion. You will want a job that will be that fire in your life but until then use the resources you have. Alchemize every bit of emotion and pain within you so that when you show up for that relationship or job or place you show up as a Man on Fire already. And that brings me to tell you to listen to a beautiful song as you practice this method that inspired me since the day of my awakening to stay on this path: Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes.

I hope you enjoyed this article and what it brought to you as without passion, without fire in our lives we are nothing but ordinary men/women. So let this method bring you an abundance of all that you need as you have been provided with the fuel to last you a lifetime through your life’s struggles. I hope you find the courage to face these events and sanctify the energy substance for miraculous quantum work.

I am a psychic, a clear channel, a star soul healer, a board-certified spiritual hypnotist, a coach that specializes in Human Potential, death/rebirth, childhood trauma, generational trauma & fertility. As we come to a world where we collectively believe that the Light is more powerful than the darkness, I offer akashic record & psychic readings, past life regressions, inner child regressions & advanced healing sessions with light body & DNA activations to help you in this process. It is my goal to make sure our star babies and children grow up with parents who are awakened or at least in the healing process so that the fire can be provided through understanding, compassion, love, unity, truth, magic, openness, and spirit potential on the physical realm instead of darkness. Heaven on earth in the new world that is called Nova Gaia, as the leaders of our future, children deserve a passionate environment just as much as they deserve to feel safe. So do it for you & the generations to come after you as you walk the path of the spiritual alchemist. 

Thank you,

With Love 
Rain Land
Lady Sapphire Holistic Healing & Hypnosis



Rain is a board certified spiritual & clinical hypnotist, psychic, medical intuitive & a galactic healer. Working with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses & the Lords of the Akash allows her to give deep, insightful readings bringing love, clarity & purpose. 

She offers past life regressions, inner child regressions & regressions designed for self-discovery. Her abilities as a psychic & time explored in universes allow her to walk clients through sessions both earthly, galactic & other dimensional. 

Rains soul healing sessions are powerful & guided by Nova Gaia (New Earth) energy.

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