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The Month of April

The month of April holds the energy of Inspiration. This is the month to find ways to be inspired and motivated in your life. What motivates you? What inspires you? Take time this month to find inspiration and move forward.

As we move into the energies of Inspirations, you are being asked to find motivation and to move energies forward in your life. Take time to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is an inspiration in your life?
  • Who do you admire? Why?
  • What gets you motivated?
  • Where have you been stalling or what have you been putting off?
  • What do you need to do to start jump start your life?

Spring is in the air. You have been indoors and refueling your tanks. It is time to get out and get moving. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Find a way to get outside: go for hike, take a walk, jog around the lake, take your bike for a ride, etc.
  • Spend some time in nature: take a drive up to the mountains, hug a tree, check out the zoo, etc.
  • Set a date to do some tasks that you have been putting off: clean out the garage, set up the patio, clean out the car, organize your storage area, etc.

Have you pulled a tarot card for the month yet? Here are some things to thing about during the month of reflection, based on the card you pulled:

0 Fool

Energies: Brand New. New Beginnings. New Starts. Clean Slate.

The Fool is asking you to find new ways to get motivated. Get inspired by something new: a new idea, a new perspective, a new approach, etc. Step back and take another look at things.  

I Magician

Energies: Mastery. Confidence. Intellect. Resourcefulness.

As the Magician, you have the resources you need to get motivated. You know what to do, but you have forgotten. Think back on a time when you were inspired to take a different approach or direction. It is time to bring that back and to find inspiration for you and your life.

II High Priestess

Energies: Wisdom. Knowledge. Intuition. Higher Powers.

She holds the mystery and wisdom of the universe. The High Priestess reminds you of the importance of following your inner compass. You have all the wisdom within yourself to get motivated. It is time to start moving energy and to push forward.  

III Empress

Energies: Nurturing. Family. Fertility. Abundance. Beauty.

The Empress holds the maternal energies of nurture and care. She is recommending that you take a loving and nurturing approach to moving forward. You need to pause, breathe, and find the beauty in your life. Take time to really see the love that has been created in your life.

IV Emperor

Energies: Authority. Leader. Structure. Solid Foundation.

He holds the energies of stability and security. Make sure that you are using the structure that has been created to get inspired and to move forward. It is not time to coast. You need to get the energies moving. There is something big happening.

V Hierophant

Energies: Teacher. Teaching. Beliefs. Religion. Tradition.

The Hierophant is the counselor. You may need a mentor or coach to assist you in getting inspired. Seek the wisdom of someone that you trust and put the energies in motion for moving forward with something new or expanded in your life.

VI Lovers

Energies: Love. Relationships. Union. Choices.

This card holds the energies of relationships and love. The universe is nudging you to focus on love within your relationships. You may have gotten stuck or complacent in your relationships. Find new ways to recharge or redirect the energies in the relationships that mean the most to you.  

VII Chariot

Energies: Take Action. Motion. Determination. Willpower

The Chariot is pushing hard for you to move forward. This will take determination and work on your part, but you can do this!!! Take the first step and start the process.  

VIII Strength

Energies: Patience. Compassion. Strength. Courage. Control

This month you are called to be compassionate and patient with yourself. You need to step into your own personal power and to find inspiration for your life. It is time to be kind, understanding, and to gently give yourself a push forward.

IX Hermit

Energies: Introspection. Pause. Inner Guidance. Soul Searching.

This card indicates that you need to pause for a moment. Check in with yourself, and find out what inspires you. It is time to get motivated and to move forward with something that you have been denying.  

X Wheel of Fortune

Energies: Destiny. Change. Luck. Karma.

The universe is bringing positive things into your life. It is asking that you get inspired and create some positive changes. This is the perfect time to change a job, home, relationship, etc.

XI Justice

Energies: Fairness. Truth. Legal. Law. Cause & Effect.

The Justice card reminds you that it is important to stand in your own truth. As you move forward, make sure that you are making the best decision possible for everyone connected. Listen to the needs of others and consider everyone!  

XII Hanged Man

Energies: Crossroads. Decision. Sacrifice.

This card is presenting a decision. There will be a decision that needs to be made in your life. Make sure that you are not choosing based on what you think needs to happen. Take time to seek guidance within and make sure the choice is about moving forward in your life.  

XIII Death

Energies: Transformation. Transition. Ending. Letting Go.

The Death card typically does not represent a physical death. This card is appearing to let you know that something needs to be released in order for you to move forward. It is time for transformation and you must be willing to release what no longer serves you.  

XIV Temperance

Energies: Life Balance. Purpose. Meaning

This card reminds you that you may be trying to do too much at once. It is important to have healthy boundaries and balance in your life. Take time to treat yourself with some downtime. This time will allow you to regroup and move forward.  

XV: Devil

Energies: Fears. Compulsive. Materialism. Addiction.

The Devil appears to make sure that you are not allowing your fears to block you from moving forward. This should not be a quick decision, but you should not drag your feet. Ask for the outcome to be for the highest best for everyone.  

XVI Tower

Energies: Sudden Change. Disruption. Revelation

The universe is making major changes in your life. You have been wanting or needing to move forward and you have been struggling with the decision. The universe has decided to move you forward. Take some deep breaths and surrender to the outcome.


Energies: Inspiration. Connected. Hope. Spirituality

You are being asked to have hope. You need to connect to your personal belief systems and divine compass. At this time, you should see the light in front of you. It is pulling you forward into bright, new things.  


Energies: Dreaming. Subconscious. Distraction. Auto-pilot.

The Moon brings in the energies of illusion and deceptions. You need to look around at all the distractions in your life including: your commitments, to do list, etc. You are missing out on the best things in life. It is time to shake off the illusion and allow yourself to be inspired with new perceptions.


Energies: Inner Child. Fun. Play. Joy. Success.

This card brings in the energies of celebration and success. Take some time to celebrate the successes and joy in your life. This is the perfect time for a vacation, getaway, or retreat. Find something fun to do and allow yourself to experience it.

XX Judgment

Energies: Take Responsibility. Self-Examination. Absolution.

You are awakening to the divine being that you are. You have been reaching for the stars and you are discovering who you are. It is time to define how you will use your gifts and awaken to a better life for you and others. Take a moment to consider what is next for you!

XXI The World

Energies: Completion. Accomplishment. Integration

The World represents the end of a cycle in our lives. You have completed a cycle and will be beginning a new one. As you step into something new, make sure you have clear direction and intention. It is time to get into motion and move into a new direction.  

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Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet’s spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.

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