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The Month of June

The month of June holds the energy of Growth. This is the month to take action towards expansion and growth. This can be focused on personal, professional, or spiritual growth.  


As we move into the energies of Growth, you are being nudged to consider investing time and/or money in areas of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Take the time to ask yourself these questions:

  • What areas of your life have gotten stagnant or blocked?
  • What classes, courses, or programs would expand your consciousness, awareness, or knowledge?
  • What books or resources would enhance your work or life?

Some recommendations include:

  • Read a new book on personal and spiritual growth that inspires you.
  • Take a class, course, or program that brings you joy and/or happiness.
  • Follow your heart and inner guidance to enhance your life for deeper understandings.

Have you pulled a tarot card for the month yet? Here are some things to thing about during the month of reflection, based on the card you pulled:

0 Fool

Energies: Brand New. New Beginnings. New Starts, Clean Slate.

The Fool is encouraging you to explore new thoughts, new teachings, and new ways to live your life. Be inspired and connect with your inner truth. It is time to invest in yourself and to expand your reality.

Energies: Mastery. Confidence. Intellect. Resourcefulness.

As the Magician, you have the tools needed to expand your consciousness and life. It is time to invest the time and resources in your own personal, professional, and spiritual growth and expansion.     

II High Priestess

Energies: Wisdom. Knowledge. Intuition. Higher Powers.

She holds the mystery and wisdom of the universe. The High Priestess reminds you of the importance of connecting to your inner soul-truth. It is time to ask the powerful questions: Who are you? What are you? Where are you going?  

III Empress

Energies: Nurturing. Family. Fertility. Abundance. Beauty.

The Empress holds the abundance of the universe and she inspires you to expand your knowledge of the universal truth. Invest the time to improve your life and the lives of your family. It is time to move forward wiser and smarter.

IV Emperor

Energies: Authority. Leader. Structure. Solid Foundation.

He holds the energies of stability and security. The Emperor reminds you that it is time to take a leadership role in expanding your knowledge of your professional field, personal growth, and/or spiritual evolution. You are ready to stretch your mind and to expand your awareness of what is most important to you.

V Hierophant

Energies: Teacher. Teaching. Beliefs. Religion. Tradition.

The Hierophant is the counselor. This is the time to find a mentor or guide to support you in your life. This individual will assist you with your professional career, personal awareness, and/or spiritual growth in an area that you are passionate about.

VI Lovers

Energies: Love. Relationships. Union. Choices.

This card holds the energies of relationships and love. Your growth is directly aligned with the relationships in your life. Your current relationships have been providing you with the experiences needed to expand your understanding of the truth of unconditional love and compassion for others.

VII Chariot

Energies: Take Action. Motion. Determination. Will Power

The Chariot is nudging you to take action towards committing to your personal, professional, and/or spiritual growth. It is the time to get motivated and inspired in your actions towards your best life. Get determined and take the first step.

VIII Strength

Energies: Patience. Compassion. Strength. Courage. Control

This month, you will be asked to be patient and kind with yourself. It is time to take control of your life. Focus on the elements of your life that have been tugging at your heart strings. Take the risk and invest in yourself. This is your moment to grow and expand.

IX Hermit

Energies: Introspection. Pause. Inner Guidance. Soul Searching.

The Hermit recommends that you pause and reflect. It is an opportunity to evaluate your life. What areas of your life have gotten stagnant or boring? It is time to invest in yourself and your life. This may be a class, course, program, book, or resource that would provide a new perspective or direction in your life. Find the answer within yourself.

X Wheel of Fortune

Energies: Destiny. Change. Luck. Karma.

The universe has positive change for you. You may need to invest in a new class, course, or program that will stretch your mind and provide you with new perspectives. It is time to change directions and to reach for the stars.

XI Justice

Energies: Fairness. Truth. Legal. Law. Cause & Effect.

The Justice card is reminding you about the Law of Cause & Effect. It is important that you take action in a positive direction to move the energies forward for growth. The energies that you push forward will return to you. This is the time to be clear on your intentions.

XII Hanged Man

Energies: Crossroads. Decision. Sacrifice.

It is time to make a decision on a class, course, or program that you have been wanting to take OR you have started something that is going to improve your life. This commitment will require you to invest your time and finances in yourself and life. You may have been waiting for the right time to start. The universe is nudging you forward. 

XIII Death

Energies: Transformation. Transition. Ending. Letting Go.

The Death card is bringing in transformation. It is time for change. This may include taking a class, course, or program that will bring in new skills, techniques, processes, behaviors, or rituals that will expand your life in a new direction.

XIV Temperance

Energies: Life Balance. Purpose. Meaning

The Temperance reminds you of the importance of balance. It is important to take to time for yourself and the things that bring you the most joy. Take the time to invest in the resources that will expand your understanding and knowledge in an area that is connected to your purpose and inner truth.

XV: Devil

Energies: Fears. Compulsive. Materialism. Addiction.

The card reminds you that your fears are blocking you from the divine truth. It is time for you to invest in the things that you love and hold dear to your heart. Find your inspiration and passion. Take the time to invest in a class, course or program that will expand your knowledge in the areas of your life that you love.    

XVI Tower

Energies: Sudden Change. Disruption. Revelation

This card brings in major and sudden change to your life. Find a class, course, or program that will direct your focus in a new direction. Change may not always be easy, but it will bring in new and wonderful things to your life. Trust the universe and have faith in the future.


Energies: Inspiration. Connected. Hope. Spirituality

You are being asked to have hope in the universal plan. This is the time to take a spiritual class, course or program to expand your knowledge of new teachings. You are being guided towards your divine purpose and inner truth.


Energies: Dreaming. Subconscious. Distraction. Auto-pilot.

The Moon brings in the energies of illusion and deceptions. Make sure that you have a clear intention or understanding of the things that you are investing your time in. It is time to focus on what inspires and motivates you to live your best life. Remove any distractions that may be blocking you from your divine purpose.


Energies: Inner Child. Fun. Play. Joy. Success.

This card brings in the energies of celebration and success. Take the opportunity to celebrate your life. Each of these celebrations will move you forward and enhance your life. Find the deeper wisdom in the things that you love.

XX Judgment

Energies: Take Responsibility. Self-Examination. Absolution.

Take responsibility for your own growth and expansion. It is time to evaluate the different areas of your life. Do they bring you joy and fulfillment? Take the actions needed to learn and experience new things.

XXI The World

Energies: Completion. Accomplishment. Integration

This card represents completion. Take a moment to reflect on all that you have accomplished in your life. Allow these experiences to be integrated into your life and to expand your knowledge of these experiences.

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Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet’s spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.

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