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Akashic RecordReader Practitioner
Level I

The Akashic Records or the "Book of Life" is the super-mainframe storage system where all information is stored etherically on every soul. The Records contain the information on every thought, word spoken and action that every individual has experienced since the dawn of Creation. It is a powerful system that is interactive and influential on our lives, relationships, belief systems, programming and potential possibilities in the future.

The BENEFITS of the Akashic Records include:

  • Clarity: The Records can provide you with the wisdom of understanding your life's purpose, contracts, relationships and possibilities for the future. The guidance provided is a powerful tool for your life. 
  • Confirmation: The Records can provide confirmation on your spiritual gifts, strengths and opportunities for making powerful changes with your life. These can be the keys to your highest potential in this lifetime. 
  • Causes: The Records can reveal the root causes of the life choices that you have made in past lives or this current life that has created blocks, obstacles, limiting patterns and cycles in your current life. 
  • Choices: The Records will provide you with the possibilities of the choices that you have made or want to make in your life. Every individual on the planet has free will to make their own choices. This is the divine purpose of everyone's experiences. 
  • Clearing: The Records will allow the individual to clear contracts, belief systems, energetic misalignments and make energetic clearings with their physical, mental and emotional bodies. The individual can restore alignments with the individual's Divine Soul & Blueprint. This is a powerful healing modality for yourself and your clients. 

Vialet updated and expanded this program in 2022. The longer she works in the Records the more expansive the Records become. She has added to the program what she continues to learn in the Records to this program.

The online portal has been added to the program to allow the students to have unlimited access to the lectures, meditations, etc. The students can listen to the information from anywhere and at anytime. 


  • Professional Psychic Readers that are seeking deeper connections into the divine wisdom of the universe.
  • Spiritual seekers searching for their divine purpose, soul guidance, and deeper understanding of their life's experiences.
  • Spiritual teachers and leaders that are hoping to expand their spiritual practices and work.
  • Creative individuals that would like to create (painting, composing, writing, etc.) within the Records. 

** This program will expand your psychic gifts. It is the next step for anyone that is already receiving clear intuitive messages and readings. The Records hold a high level of integrity for the individuals accessing the information. The information will not be clear if the individual in under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. You must have pure intentions when working in the higher realms of wisdom and information. **

Become a Certified Practitioner

The Akashic Records certification series is part of the DYSG Academy. You are required to complete both classes to earn the certification. The first class is the classroom instruction. We will cover all the materials and discuss the out-of-class practice and assignments. The class is scheduled with a 3-5 week gap between classes to allow the student to work in the Records on their assignments. The second class allows the students to practice doing readings with others. Vialet invites team members to join the class to receive readings from the students. She creates a safe and sacred space for practicing. 

This IN-PERSON PROGRAM includes:

  • Self-published book 150+ pages
  • 3+ hours of classroom instruction
  • 3+ hours of out-of-class practice and assignments
  • 2+ hours of in-class practice
  • Discounted Reading with Vialet (20% off for 90 minutes)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Academy Seal for Akashic Level 1
  • Merkabah crystal
  • Lifetime access to online Akashic Level 1 program
  • You may repeat the class for $44 (Regent role), no limits

Vialet has been working in the Records, since 2009. She has studied with several teachers, completed four Akashic Record programs and has studied several resources on the Akashic Records. 

Vialet provides an affordable and comprehensive program for individuals that are interested in connecting to the Akashic Records for themselves or to guide others. 

NOTE: It is important that you are already receiving intuitive guidance and messages. This program is designed to assist individuals in enhancing their psychic gifts. 

The second class will be scheduled for practice. 


Payment Options


Register and take Akashic RecordReader Certification Level 1

Cost: $288

Register: Click here

****This must be paid fourteen days prior to the class starting.


You can register and commit to take all three levels. The package allows you to pay and register for all three levels of the programs including Akashic RecordReader Level I, Level II and Level III. Each of these levels include two classes and three levels of certification. The total cost would be: $1,164. You can enroll in all three programs for $899 (Saving $265). NOTE: The package expires in 24 months. 

Register at: Click here  

You can also check the schedule for these programs


If you are unable to take this course in-person at the center, it is also offered online. You can take the course at your own pace and schedule. 

Find out more at: Click here

2023 Program Schedule

This is an in-person class offered at our center in Littleton, CO.

NOTE: There is a minimum of two students required for the program to be offered. If you are the only one signed up for the class, I will contact you to reschedule.

REGENT REGISTRATION: Students that have taken this class may repeat the class for $44. You can register for the program at the center. 

Akashic Records Level I

Thursday Evenings

January 19th & February 23rd

5:30 PM

Akashic Records Level I

Monday Evenings

April 17th & May 22nd

5:30 PM

Akashic Records Level 2

Akashic RecordReader Level II

Wednesday Evenings

July 19th & August 9th

5:30 PM

Akashic Records Level 3

Akashic RecordReader Level III 

Wednesday Nights

Oct 11th & Nov 15th 

5:30 PM

Akashic Record Reader Level I

This program is about YOU and the Records. These classes will connect you to the powerful wisdom of your individual Records. An Akashic Record reading is not the same as an intuitive reading. The information received is more expansive and is outside your own personal experiences and knowledge. 

This program provides three-hour educational class for the first class and a practice program several weeks later as a second class. You will receive a self-published book, certificate of completion and a merkabah crystal. You must attend both classes to complete the program.


  • Akashic Record Level I attunement
  • Meet Your Guide
  • Your Merkabah Crystal
  • Spiritual Communication: Your Gifts
  • Life Shifts
  • Sacred Opening
  • Introduction to the Records
  • History of the Records
  • Overview of the Records
  • Guidelines for the Records
  • Importance of Grounding
  • Connecting to the Records
  • The Prayer
  • Navigation of the Records
  • Effective Questions
  • Intuition vs Akashic Records
  • Past Life Influences
  • Karmic
  • Teach Us
  • Readings
  • Healings
  • Documentation
  • Next Steps

The second class will be scheduled for practice. 

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January 2021


"Loved your class! Your workwork was exteremly helpful and detailed. Vialet has an indepth understanding of the Records, high level of integrity and amazing eye for detail in addition to a wonderful personality. I highly recommend this class." Carol 2017

"Vialet is an awesome teacher. She gave us a lot of information and carefully explains every detail and answers each question in detail. Awesome class! Awesome teacher!" Kaci 2017

"I really enjoyed this class. Very informative and loved all the detail in the book. Vialet is an awesome teacher. I definitely will be taking more classes." Melissa 2017

"Akashic Records Level 1 is an amazing class!  It taught me how to access information from the Divine Consciousness and helped make my spiritual journey much stronger and more enriching!  I am forever grateful to have had Vialet as my teacher for Akashic Records Level 1!  Vialet is an experienced teacher who provides excellent educational materials, gives interesting lectures that are captivating and promote interaction, and is easily accessible for guidance and direction.  I look forward to taking more classes with Vialet!" Cindy 2018

"I had been searching a very long time for a place/people that would help me understand and advance my mediumship. After several attempts of dead ends, I finally found this place. Discover Your Spiritual Gifts has been a wonderful community full of like minded people with all kinds of different talents and mediums that are willing to share their knowledge and help you expand your life in great ways. I am so grateful to the staff and the endless amounts of teachers and healers willing to help each other in a loving and supportive way. There is something here for everyone, from the novice to the advanced, in spirituality, metaphysical, and merchandise gallore. It doesn't matter your level of knowledge. These people are here to help. Vialet has been such a great asset to the community! Her loving nature and desire to teach has made this growth for me more than magical! Check out DYSG, there is so much here to offer everyone individually. And I truly appreciate that." Barb 2021

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