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Vialet is a transformational energy healer. She works with the energies of Angelic Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Reiki, Seraphic Wisdom, Seraphim Rose Pyramid and Healing Path of the Rose. She connects with the Angelic Kingdom, Spiritual and Cosmic Heirarchy. Vialet works the angels, elementals, dragons, fairies, unicorns and mermaids. These divine beings and energies support and guide her in the sessions. 

Her studies have also included several ancient healing modalities that she learned in the Mystery School including emotional cord-cuttings, DNA activations, etheric surgeries and much more. She provides some of these in separate healing sessions. 

Vialet provides a blended approach of: 

Angelic Reiki is a high frequency, multidimensional system of Angelic Healing and expansive consciousness that provides you with the healing connection through the Angelic Kingdom of Light. The Angelic Kingdom includes the Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers. The energy sources that you need are provided. This method will raise your consciousness and vibration. It accelerates the ascension process for the client. 

Seraphim Wisdom energies are the highest Angelic vibration. This loving energy heals the emotional, mental and physical bodies of the individual. This healing energy flows through in waves of love and healing to the client. Most clients are able to feel the powerful waves of healing. 

Healing Path of the Rose brings forward the mystic teachings of healing from the time of Y'shua and Mary. The healer is able to connect with the Rose Heart Space of the client and to awaken the energies that are lying dormant within. 

Karuna Reiki brings forward the energies of compassion. These energies bring to the surface the individual's deep wounding and pain, so that it can be gently released. These healing energies bring forward deep love for ourselves and others. 

Crystal Healing amplifies the healing energies of the session. The crystal kingdom loves to support you in our healing process. Crystal healing was used in ancient times. 

Sound Healing is a powerful way to release and remove stuck energy in the emotional, mental and physical bodies. Vialet will use crystal and tibetan bowls along with drums, rattles, chimes and ocean drums in some of her sessions. 

Vialet B Rayne


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Are you seeking BIG changes in your life? Are you ready to step onto your divine path? 

These programs are designed for spiritual individuals that are ready to do the work and want to transition from the space that has become stale and unfulfilling for their life. You cannot move forward or bring in new energies to your life without facing your current situation. What happened that you became stuck? What is preventing you from moving forward with your divine plan? These programs will bring in Light and connection to guide you on your path of divinity. You can choose the program that works best for you! Remember, the more invested that you are in your own transformation, the more that you will receive from it.

What are the benefits?

  • You are committing to transformation for yourself and your life
  • Your perspective and direction will change and you will start moving forward in a positive direction
  • Your connection will be stronger and you will begin to be guided on your divine path
  • Your life will begin to shift in more positive and divine ways


  • 1 Akashic Record Reading 90 minutes $199.00
  • 1 Divine Healing Session $149.00
  • 1 Angelic Reiki Session $129.00        
  • 3 DNA Activations 3x$49= $147.00
  • 3 Spiritual Conversations 3x$40= $120.00

TOTAL: $599.00 (Value: $744.00)


  • 2 Akashic Record Reading 90 minutes $398.00
  • 2 Divine Healing Session $298.00
  • 2 Angelic Reiki Session $258.00        
  • 6 DNA Activations 6x$49= $294.00
  • 6 Spiritual Conversations 6x$40= $240.00

TOTAL:  $1199.00 (Value: $1488.00)

What is preventing you from investing in you and your life? You deserve to live a joyful and prosperous life. 

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