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DNA Merkaba Activation

This is an ancient healing modality that feeds your physical and etheric bodies Divine Light & Love. This powerful healing technique is handed down to the Warriors of Light in the Sacred Temple Mystery School. You must feed your body water and food in order to survive. Shouldn’t you be also feeding your bodies Divine Light?

  • Do you feel drained, distracted or unmotivated?
  • Do you need to release old wounds?
  • Are you stuck or repeating the same cycles?
  • Are you ready to shift the energies of your life?
  • Are you hoping to bring in more positive energies into all areas of your life?

These sessions will activate your unique energetic imprint to align you with your soul essence. As you come into this world, it is easy to become misaligned with your path. For most individuals, they believed that they were meant to climb the corporate ladder of success, to follow in their families footprints, to gain recognition for their accomplishments through material achievement, but do these things align with your soul’s energetic imprint?

What is your Spiritual DNA?

Your Spiritual DNA holds the energies of your energetic blueprint and the uniqueness of your soul. When you activate the spiritual codons that are located in the back of your head down to your heart. This energetic network will bring in more Divine Light into your bodies to assist and accelerate your ascension process. As we bring Light into these codons, it enhances the individual’s intuition and awakens the wisdom within. As you remove the layers of programming and shift your energies into higher vibrational state, you will be more clear on who you are as a divine being.

What is your Spiritual Merkaba?

The Spiritual Merkaba or Merkabah comes from the Hebrew word for the chariot or vehicle. The meaning is Mer for light, Ka for spirit, & Ba for body. It is a strong symbol in Judaism with roots in the Torah. This geometric shape is made from two intersecting (representing the masculine and feminine) tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions. It creates a three dimensional energy field. It is believed that there is an etheric merkaba surrounding your body and provides protection for travel between dimensions.

You also have an etheric merkaba located in the area of your Third Eye & Heart Chakra. When you activate these centers, you balance all of your energy centers and bring in alignment your Light Body with your physical body. Your Light Body travels with you throughout all lifetime experiences. It supports the flow of your life force energy and physical health.

These sessions will activate both of these for the individual.

Who should get these activations?

  • Individuals seeking their divine truth.
  • Individuals searching for their divine purpose.
  • Individuals hoping to create major change in their life.
  • Individuals wanting to have holistic support for medical conditions.
  • Individuals receiving vaccines, medical treatment, or prescriptions.
  • Individuals recovering from a cold, flu, and/or virus.
  • Individuals struggling with forgiveness or grief.
  • Individuals feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.

Vialet uses a sanctified crystal wand to feed your bodies Divine Light & Love as she channels messages throughout the session. These sessions will provide powerful healing and support for individuals seeking Divine support.

How often should you get activations?

This sessions should be done on a regular basis. We recommend doing these sessions every 4-6 weeks. Each of the sessions will dissolve the layers of negative and imbalanced energies stored in the physical and etheric bodies. These sessions will unwind the energetic layers of negative (lower vibrational energies) thoughts and emotions that have been buried within your bodies.

DNA & Merkabah Activation



We recommend doing these sessions every 4-6 weeks. These sessions are 45 – 60 minutes

DNA & Merkabah Activation Package


/for three sessions

Packages expire in 180 days.

When you get angry, frustrated, and disappointed with God, you will block your connection from the Divine energies. You will energetically created a cap over your Crown & Third Eye Chakra. This session will remove the etheric cap and the deactivate crystalline in the area of your head.

Who should get these sessions?

  • Individuals hoping to enhance their psychic gifts.
  • Individuals feeling disconnected from the Divine.
  • Individuals wanting to be divinely guided in their daily lives.
  • Individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment.

DNA & Merkabah Activation + Cap Removal



We recommend doing these sessions every 4-6 weeks. These sessions are 45 – 60 minutes

DNA & Merkabah Activation + Cap Removal Package


/for three sessions

Packages expire in 180 days.


Vialet learned this modality in the healing arts program of the Practical Spirituality Mystery School. She attended programs in the school from 2011 until 2014. She found these teachings to provide powerful transformation for her life. The DNA activations were a major part of her healing journey. She recommends these sessions to her students and clients to support them on their spiritual path. As you begin to receive these sessions, you will experience major shifts in your perspective and life.

Today, she will be teaching this modality to her Warriors of Light graduates in her Mystery School. The first class will be offered in the fall of 2024.

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