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Alchemy 01: Calcination


Alchemy has been an ancient practice that was hidden with mystery and secrecy. These high teachings were rooted in the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Before the destruction of these civilizations, the teachings were hidden within the mystery schools on this planet. These powerful teachings are the foundation of the universe and the wisdom of all time. 

The first stage of transformation is CALCINATION.

During this stage, you are able reduce the ego’s defenses and understand that your ego was trying to protect you from the world. This can be the most difficult stage in the process. You may be forced to see the darker parts of yourself that you have blocked or hide from yourself and others. 


  • Do you understand that you are triggered by other people because it is a reflection of you?
  • Are you aware that you hide parts of yourself from others and the world?
  • Do you understand that you reject specific aspects of yourself?
  • Are you aware of your shadow self?

Pre-requisite: Completion of Sacred Priesthood

This stage of alchemy will bring in transformation of the self through a series of alchemical processes where the individual’s inner energies and consciousness change and expand on all levels. The inner alchemy works on unveiling the hidden aspects of oneself from the mysteries of the unconscious. The process of allowing the unbalanced energies within you to surface to bring you to back to your truth. The individual becomes aware of their ego and false truths. They become aware of their self-sabotaging behaviors. 

  • First Stage
  • Element: Fire
  • Chakra: Root
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Metal: Lead
  • Color: Purple-red, magenta, or black

Intro to Bees & Honey

The initiates begin craving honey after they commit to joining this program. During this program, they have an introduction to the bees and honey. Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystems and agriculture.

Bees have held sacred significance in various cultures and religions throughout history. Ancient cultures have used honey in magick for centuries. You will be using honey in magick and rituals throughout this program. Some of the uses of honey include: 

  • Offerings on an altar
  • Gifts to the fairies
  • Elixirs and medicinal purposes for healing
  • Rituals for sweetening your life, connections and relationships
  • Rituals for binding relationships that are struggling
  • Rituals for fertility and prosperity
  • Rituals for bringing in happiness and joy into your life
  • Ritual baths and scrubs for love and romance

The Activity: Making Elderberry Syrup with Honey


The students will also be learning the TAROT. They will begin connecting with the Major Arcana cards:

  • 0 The Fool
  • I The Magician
  • II High Priestess
  • III Empress
  • IV Emperor
  • V Hierophant
  • VI The Lovers
  • VII Chariot

The tarot deck provides insights to the changes and daily activities that are occurring in our lives. This can be a powerful tool for guidance and clarity.