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Cynthia Wallmo owner of Aligned Creative Soul LLC has been avoiding spirituality while simultaneously embracing it her entire life. Developing a sense of knowing at 7 and then began experiencing prophetic dreams at 11 she has been asking the questions and seeking the answers. Now her gifts are finally being put to good use as she joins the team at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. She has been reading Akashic Records and Tarot professionally for years occasionally at shows here and there.

Tarot was introduced to her in 1990 when a friend moved in for a bit. This friend bought 2 children and a basket of divination tools which included tarot cards, runes, angel cards, stones and books.

When Cynthia first saw the basket she felt fear which soon turned to awe, same feeling different interpretations, when she started to see the power they hold. They held many answers to her questions and inspired many more questions to ask. She was soon hooked and bought her first deck and a copy of Mary K. Greer’s Tarot for Yourself, which is now signed by the author and a tattered and well worn friend.

In 1992 she studied Astrology with Patrick Jerome who taught his in-depth studies which were based on the Gauguin brothers research. Cynthia is not doing full astrology readings at this time yet frequently incorporates her knowledge into her other readings.

In 2000 she discovered the Akashic Records and knew that was her work.  Her Akashic Record reading consists of revealing a portrait of your soul by accessing deepest memories, revealing your true nature of personality based on the origin and history of your soul’s journey so far. Some aspects are set. You can learn to accept these and utilize the gifts presented. Other aspects are Potentials. This idea is to clear away false beliefs and reveal innate talents, abilities, skills and gifts that make sense and show a map of self potential. Knowledge of self allows you to be your own guide and hear your source guides as you create future experiences based on actions and decisions. Learn and Allow yourself to hear your true self, know it when you hear it. Connect with the information then move forward with clear decisions, choices and actions.

Cynthia’s Sessions

Cynthia combines the Akashic Records and Astrology into her Tarot readings. Her Akashic Record reading consists of revealing a portrait of your soul by accessing deepest memories, revealing your true nature of personality based on the origin and history of your soul’s journey so far.

  • 60 minutes $110
  • 30 minutes $60


“Cynthia and I are like 2 peas in a pod. She knows what i’m looking for in a particular reading and immediately has a feel for what approach we should take or asks me what approach i would like to take depending on the day or question/s. Everything resonates and if it doesn’t immediately she will explain it in a few different ways so that i can see the whole picture. Amazing! Let me say it again…Amazing!”

Kat B



“I went to Cynthia with questions about some closure I needed, but instead she gave me, probably, the most accurate reading I’ve ever received. It was life-changing! Super impressed and I tell everyone how wonderful her readings are.”




“I have had several readings with Cynthia. She is always able to uncover and clear the underlying energies I have around me that I don’t always see myself. She is an awesome reader. I appreciate her attention to detail. Cynthia is one of my favorite readers. Her readings and clearings are always so helpful and illuminating. She always helps me pinpoint things I don’t always see clearly myself. I highly recommend her!” 



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