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Podcast Guest

The main purpose of the show is to share uplifting and motivational content where guests can share their stories, passions, and inspirations with our audience. Vialet is on a quest to bring sacredness back into our everyday experiences. Everyone can have an extraordinary life when they are able to tap into the sacred magic within.

Magic is the art of shifting our experiences through our sacred consciousness in accordance with Divine will.

– Vialet B Rayne

Vialet creates a sacred and fun space for individuals to share information about themselves, their work, their passions, and their community. This is a casual conversation without formal introductions.

You can check out the Guest List: Click here – You may find someone that you know on the list!

Find out where the podcast is played on You can search for Sacred Magic Podcast with Vialet Rayne.

What are the next steps in scheduling your guest spot?

#1. Fill out the Google form with you professional bio, social media links, contact information, and photo. NOTE: Your bio should be written in third person. EXAMPLE: Vialet is the magical creator of Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. Remember, Vialet will be reading the bio to the audience.

#2. Schedule a time for the recording. Typically, the shows are edited and posted after the recording. The shows will go live 4-7 weeks after the recording. Vialet can share with you the time frame for the release before the recording starts. If you are hoping for a specific time frame for your releases, please reach out to Vialet for a plan.

#3. Yes, you can offer discounts or free content to the audience. We recommend setting an expiration for the offer that is 60-90 days after the recording.

#4. Take the time to follow us on your favorite platform. The show is released on several different channels.


Come and have fun with it! This is an opportunity for people to connect with you and to get to know you better. We want to inspire, motivate, and empower others to embrace the Sacred Magic within their own lives.

This is a VIDEO show. You’ll will want to make an impressions. Think about your lighting, background, and you! If you have books, products, and/or art that you can show, have them ready! We will be recording the show on Zoom. Vialet will edit the show before loading it on YouTube and the podcast channels.

Vialet will keep the recording of the show between 25-30 minutes. You will have an opportunity to ask her questions before the recording is started. She will do a short introduction at the beginning of the show. Vialet tends to begin the show with asking about your spiritual journey: Were you always gifted? What was the catalyst that moved you towards who you are today?

She will ask questions on the topics that you submitted in your google form. Vialet has a solid foundation of a broad base of spiritual topics. She will keep the conversation moving. The show will be wrapped up with asking you questions about your offerings, classes, products, etc.