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Akashic Records Level 1

Akashic RecordReader Level 1

Level I: Practitioner 

Are you ready for a personal connection to your Akashic Records?

Are you interested in learning more about the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records or the “Book of Life” is the super-mainframe storage system where all information is stored on every soul.  It can reach back to the infinite past and forward to the limitless possibilities in the future. The Records contain information on every thought, word spoken, and action that every individual has experienced since the dawn of Creation. It is a powerful system that is interactive and influential in our lives, Your Akashic Records hold deep wisdom on your relationships, belief systems, programming, and potential possibilities in the future.

The Records will provide you with an understanding of how the experiences of your past, both in this lifetime and past lives, are directly influencing your current life. The wisdom gained from the Records will bring clarity, healing, and empowerment to shift your circumstances and perspective in moving forward. The Records are unlimited.

The Akashic Records certification series is part of the DYSG Academy. You are required to complete both classes to earn the certification. The first class is the classroom instruction. We will cover all the materials and discuss the out-of-class practice and assignments. The class is scheduled with a 3-5 week gap between classes to allow the student to work in the Records on their assignments. The second class allows the students to practice doing readings with others. Vialet invites team members to join the class to receive readings from the students. She creates a safe and sacred space for practicing.


This program is offered in-person at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts or online with a self-paced program.


  • Self-published book 150+ pages
  • 3+ hours of classroom instruction
  • 3+ hours of out-of-class practice and assignments
  • 2+ hours of in-class practice
  • Discounted Reading with Vialet (20% off for 60 minutes OR 90 minutes)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Academy Seal for Akashic Level 1
  • Access to the online Akashic Level 1 program
  • You may repeat the class for $44 (Regent role), no limits.

The ONLINE PROGRAM includes:

  • Self-published book 150+ pages
  • 3+ hours of classroom instruction
  • 3+ hours of practice and assignments
  • Discounted Reading with Vialet
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Academy Seal for Akashic Level 1
  • Access to online Akashic Level 1 program



Vialet updated and expanded this program in 2022. The longer she works in the Records the more expansive the Records become. She has added to the program what she continues to learn in the Records to this program.

The online portal has been added to the program to allow the students to have unlimited access to the lectures, meditations, etc. The students can listen to the information from anywhere and at anytime. 

DISCLAIMER: As with any spiritual educational program, your experience is going to vary from other students’ experiences and testimonials. Spiritual growth, self-actualization, and transformation are personal and subjective – and results vary from individual to individual. Your transformation on this path is dependent on the time and commitment you are willing to put into it. You will be given history, overview, & tools to connect with the Records. This will take time, effort, and dedication. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee results. This is not a “Quick Fix” approach to becoming an Akashic RecordReader practitioner.


  • Spiritual seekers searching for their divine purpose, soul guidance, and deeper understanding of their life’s experiences.
  • Professional Psychic Readers that are seeking deeper connections into the divine wisdom of the universe.
  • Spiritual teachers and leaders that are hoping to expand their spiritual practices and work.
  • Creative individuals that would like to create (painting, composing, writing, etc.) within the Records.

** This program will expand your psychic gifts. It is the next step for anyone that is already receiving clear intuitive messages and readings. The Records hold a high level of integrity for the individuals accessing the information. The information will not be clear if the individual is under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. You must have pure intentions when working in the higher realms of wisdom and information. **


This program will support you on your spiritual path. Individuals taking this program will receive:

  • Full attunement to the Akashic records.
  • History of the Akashic Records
  • Professional guidelines for working in the Records.
  • Review of various approaches for connecting to the Records.
  • Overview of the many uses of the Records.
  • Practical & legal guidance for practicing.
  • Business tools for opening a spiritual business.

ONLINE STUDENTS: After you have registered for the online course, you will be directed to email your mailing address to [email protected] to request your book. The book will be shipped from the publisher. It may take 2-3 weeks for you to receive your book.


Akashic Records, Level 1 by Vialet B Rayne




  • You must complete both of the in-person classes.
  • You must complete the entire online course. The online platform will require that you complete the lessons in order. All the videos must be watched. There are several Knowledge Check quizzes throughout the program. These are open book. The tests require a minimum of a 70% passing score and you may repeat the test up to 13 times.
  • You need to complete four (4) in-person sessions. After completing the session, have the individual complete the documentation for the session. You may do each of the sessions with the same person at different days and times OR I highly recommend doing the sessions with different people, so you get a broader range of feedback. These sessions can be with family and/or friends. You must submit the completed documentation for each session to Vialet.
  • You need to complete one (1) virtual session. They can complete the form OR they can send you the information via email. You must submit the completed documentation for the session to Vialet.

Send the documentation to Vialet at [email protected] along with the name that you would like on your certificate. Vialet will email you a copy of your Certificate of Completion. If you do not receive it within seven (7) business days, please follow up with her. Check your spam folder for the email.

LEVEL 1 COST: $288

Akashic Records – RecordReader Level 1

Feb & Mar 2024

  • Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 AND
  • Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

Register Today: 5:30 PM – 9 PM

COST: $288

Akashic Records – RecordReader Level 1

July & Aug 2024

  • Wednesday, July 17th, 2024 AND
  • Wednesday, August 21st, 2024

Register Today: 5:30 PM – 9 PM

COST: $288