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Psychic Gifts Unlocked! Accidents and Ailments Turned into Gifts and Blessings

When tragedy strikes, it brings challenges for everyone involved, yet amidst the darkness, there’s often a glimmer of light to be found. Sometimes, this light reveals itself in unexpected ways. Countless individuals worldwide have encountered devastating accidents or health issues, only to discover remarkable psychic abilities emerging in their wake.

Such was the case for me following my diagnosis of idiopathic intracranial hypertension, a neurological condition known to cause blindness, dementia-like symptoms, vein stenosis, dizziness, cognitive issues, and severe headaches. Despite the initial hardships, my hospitalization proved to be a turning point. Remarkably, my psychic gifts became more heightened and accurate than ever before.

Contrary to my expectations, my cognitive challenges didn’t hinder my professional Tarot and Tea leaf readings; rather, they improved significantly. I found myself experiencing profound spiritual connections during sessions. I had sensations such as feeling the presence of loved ones more strongly than ever before, and sensing specific physical attributes. I could feel grandma plucking her eyebrows through my own body, I could feel my clients mom’s tight updo hairstyle she always wore bogging my head down during a reading, or I could even feel a belly full of drink from the sitter’s dad. 

Driven by this newfound awareness, I delved into researching similar cases where individuals unlocked psychic gifts following accidents or illnesses. Through this journey of discovery, I’ve come to appreciate the transformative power of resilience and the remarkable ways in which adversity can illuminate hidden strengths. 

One example of a famous psychic who received their gifts after an accident or illness was Edgar Cayce, also known as the “Sleeping Prophet”. Edgar Cayce had a near-death experience at the age of 23 in March of 1909; he had an illness that made him bedridden and unable to speak. During that time, he had a profound spiritual experience about the interconnectedness of life and awakened his world-famous and legendary psychic abilities. Many of Edgar’s predictions have come true and are still coming to pass today! You can review his predictions by reading Thurston Marks’s book “Edgar Cayce’s Predictions for the 21st Century” 

Then there is also Dannion Brinkley, an author and lecturer who was a notable figure who has had not one, but three near-death experiences. The first of these was a lightning strike that left him clinically pronounced dead for 28 minutes. During this time, he went through what is called a “life review” with various angelic beings and he evaluated what his priorities were and dedicated himself to helping others. The second near-death experience Dannion had was during open-heart surgery to address health issues related to the previous lightning strike, and the final near-death experience was when he had suffered a brain aneurysm. 

Each of Brinkley’s near-death experiences has contributed to his understanding of life, death, and the afterlife, and has shaped his work as an author, speaker, and advocate for end-of-life care and spirituality. Not only that though, but also these near-death experiences unlocked psychic abilities for Brinkley as well. He has spoken publicly about his experiences of receiving visions, premonitions, and messages from deceased individuals. Brinkley’s psychic abilities have been a significant aspect of his work as an author and lecturer. He has used his intuitive insights to provide guidance and support to others, often sharing messages of hope, healing, and spiritual growth.

If you yourself are facing an extreme health setback or just had an accident or near-death experience and you’re not experiencing a great unlocking of psychic potential; or if you simply just aren’t experiencing any of these things at the moment but you want to unlock your psychic potential, it’s okay! There are many ways you can unblock your third eye chakra and get that psychic energy flowing with a little help from some metaphysical healing, tools, and training. Here are some of my personal favorite unique and unusual crystals and tektites for the job that you can use:

Apophyllite: This crystal is often used to enhance spiritual guidance, intuition, and psychic vision. It is said to help facilitate communication with spiritual realms and assist in receiving messages from higher dimensions.

Moldavite: Moldavite is considered a powerful stone for spiritual transformation and awakening. It is also believed to open the third eye chakra, enhance psychic abilities, and accelerate spiritual growth and evolution.

Labradorite: Labradorite is often used for enhancing intuition, psychic perception, and spiritual vision. Labradorite is said to protect against negative energy while opening the mind to higher consciousness and intuitive insights.

You can also visit your local reiki healer to help unblock your third eye chakra if you feel there may be a blockage issue, there are great reiki healers at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts! I also am a White Light reiki master as well and often see people who come to me looking to unlock their intuitive gifts. 

Some great herbs to use for opening the third eye:

Mugwort: Mugwort is perhaps one of the most well-known herbs for stimulating the third eye. It is believed to enhance psychic awareness, intuition, and lucid dreaming.

Blue Lotus: Blue Lotus has long been used in Egyptian and Mayan cultures for its psychoactive and spiritual properties. It is commonly used for lucid dreaming, intuition, relaxation, meditation, and third eye opening. 

Frankincense: Frankincense has long been used in spiritual practice for intuition, meditation, awareness, connection to higher realms, and purification. 

Beyond reiki, herbs, and crystals, there are also so many different classes and workshops you can take as a budding psychic and spiritual practitioner. If you are wanting to get your toes wet and learn the “language” of intuition, but don’t have the added benefit of a near-death experience giving you a leg up in the psychic realms, I highly encourage you to learn something such as Tarot card reading!

Tarot is an intricate spiritual language, every card is rich with symbolism and when we learn tarot we essentially learn a whole intuitive language that can cross over into all other types of intuitive interpretation such as tea leaf reading, scrying in a pond or a mirror, playing card reading, candle wax interpretation, charm reading, interpreting the clouds in the sky when you’re at the park, the list is endless and learning Tarot can be an amazing foundation to help you learn all of it! Learning Tarot is much like learning Latin to help you get a better grasp of understanding other romance languages, because all of those languages have Latin roots.

If you would like to learn a strong foundation in Tarot in just one day, join me at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts on July 20th from 12 pm to 4 pm for my Introduction to Tarot Crash Course workshop, where you will learn all about Intuitive reading, the major arcana, minor arcana, the history, Tarot ethics, the suits, basic spreads, how to channel, the numbers, and court cards. You can sign up for this affordable class and view other upcoming classes and events at

Remember, even if you don’t have some sort of impressive spiritual awakening or crazy psychic unlocking of your potential through an accident, illness or near death experience that doesn’t make your gifts any less valid or real! Every person is born with spiritual gifts, it’s up to us to discover them! 

-Natalie Evans
Mystic Wisdom Tarot and Tea



Natalie Evans is a seasoned Spiritual Adviser whose journey spans the captivating landscapes of the American Southwest. Rooted in a lineage brimming with esoteric wisdom, she’s been nurtured by her grandmother’s adept numerology skills and Angel card readings.

Her odyssey into the realm of Tarot began at the tender age of 14, sparking an enduring passion for guiding others. By 18, her path had solidified, though not without the profound interplay of love and loss.

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