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Setting Altars

Do you love to set altars? 

An altar holds a sacred space for your intention, ritual, and/or ceremony. I have discovered that I have been setting altars all my life. I would strategically set the items on my dresser as a teenager to shift the energies of my room. When my room would become energetically stagnant, I would move everything in my room to reset the energy. Does your space ever feel stagnant or heavy? You may need to move things around to create new energies or to reset the current energies of your space. 


You do not necessarily have to follow any structure for an altar. The process is about connecting in with your intention, heart, and expectations for the space. There are different ways to create an altar or sacred space in your home or office. 


What will be the foundation for your altar? Where are you going to place your altar?

  • An altar can be on a shelf.
  • An altar can be on a table or counter.
  • An altar can be on a dresser, desk, or cabinet. 
  • An altar can be set up inside or outside. 
  • An altar can be in the corner, center, or against a wall in a room.

You may want to consider how often the space will be disturbed. If you have pets, they may move or knock off items on your altar. They love to connect with sacred objects and spaces. 


What type of altar cloth will be used? What color resonates with the intention or energies of the altar?

  • Black: Protection & Removing Blocks
  • Blue: Calming & Truth
  • Green: Healing & Money
  • Orange: Creativity & Joy
  • Pink: Self Love
  • Purple: Spirituality
  • Red: Passion & Love
  • Yellow: Personal Power & Confidence
  • White: Divine Connection

You can use a cloth, table runner, placemat, scarf, etc. as your altar cloth. 


You can choose the sacred objects that align with your intention or energy of the altar. 

  • Bells
  • Candles
  • Crystals & Grids
  • Feathers
  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Incense & Smudge Sticks
  • Seashells
  • Statues
  • Wands
  • And much more . . . . 

You can place anything and everything on your altar. The important key is to love your altar and to connect with the energies that you have created. 

ACTION ITEM: Altar Postcards

I have created an educational postcard for each of these altars:

  • Love Altar
  • Healing/Health Altar
  • Sacred Altar
  • Wealth Altar

I also have postcards for setting altars for the various pagan holidays on the Wheel of the Year. 



Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet’s spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.