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Vialet’s Packages


Vialet offers packages for individuals that are willing to do the work needed to improve their lives. Everyone has the power to create the life that they dreamed of. These packages provide you with the opportunity to work with Vialet for several months. 

Why work with Vialet: 

  • Vialet brings in her wisdom and sacred tools to provide you with insight, guidance, healing, and empowerment.
  • Vialet believes that everyone deserves a joyful and abundance life. 
  • Vialet connects with the Divine, Angelic Kingdom, Spiritual Hierachy of Light and her Divine Team in her work.
  • Vialet provides a heart-center healing space for her clients and students. 
  • Are you ready for change?
  • Are you seeking a new perspective?
  • Are ready to begin living again?

This 3-6 month program is designed for spiritual individuals that are ready to do the work and want to transition from the space that has become stale and unfulfilling for their life. You cannot move forward or bring in new energies to your life without facing your current situation. What happened that you became stuck? What is preventing you from moving forward with your divine plan? This program will assist you in moving forward and making positive changes in your life. 

What are the benefits?

  • You are committing to transformation for yourself and your life
  • Your perspective and direction will change and you will start moving forward in a positive direction
  • Your connection will be stronger and you will begin to be guided on your divine path
  • Your life will begin to shift in more positive and divine ways

Find out more details on this program including the details on each of the sessions: Unlocking Keys to Transformation

COST: $649


“December of 2021, I purchased Vialet’s Unlocking Keys to Transformation (3-month program) package.  I was in a 5-year trench recovering from illness, caring for my chronically ill son, trying to change careers, and then ultimately awakening to who I was married to x 20 yrs with these hardships & heading for divorce.  I’m still walking in this trench, but I can now see the light I’m walking towards and the clarity these sessions provide have truly been a gift of encouragement & support.  The first ‘Divine Healing’ session is AMAZING; your own personal hour-long Sound Bath and Angelic Reiki that you can feel in every cell of your being.  Vialet allows you to record every session and this is sacred because I’ve relistened to the Divine Healings multiple times, feeling more healing with every listen.  Being able to listen to the recordings of the DNA Activations, Spiritual Conversations, Akashic record readings is so valuable to have personalized information spoken in truth and love. Scheduling was breeze too; when I was no longer moving forward and feeling unable to breathe, all I had to do was schedule my next session online with a few clicks of a button and the session ALWAYs brought what I needed at that time.  I liked paying for the full package up front and the cost was very reasonable.  I have a difficult time treating myself to self-care, so a ‘one & done’ payment was helpful for me; it allowed self-care at my fingertips eight more times without having that difficulty stopping me.  Her offerings are so supportive to help one’s growth and I’m truly grateful for future opportunities to be a part of the community at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.   Thank you, Vialet, for creating your space and helping others find their gifts, you’re truly a blessing.” Lee


  • Are you ready fo discover your true self?
  • Are you ready to heal and release?
  • Are you ready to find clarity and purpose?

This 6-12 month program is designed for spiritual individuals that are ready to do the work and want to transition their lives. You cannot change your life by doing the sames things over and over again. It takes breaking the cycles, healing the wounds of the past, and taking control of your future. This program will allow us to go deeper in the healing process. 

What are the benefits?

  • You are making a commitment to self to bring in alchemy. 
  • Your wounds of the past will no longer impact your life. 
  • You will attract into your life more of your desires and dreams.
  • Your life will begin to align with your soul purpose. 

Find out more details on this program including details on each of the sessions: Keys to Alchemy

COST: $1,222