Warriors of Light

Do you want to serve the Light? Do you want to extend the Light on this planet? 

This program may be for you! It is for initiates that are ready to serve as Protectors of the Light. These individuals must be ready to work with their fears, shadow self, divine archetypes and the sacredness within the Light.

It is for individuals that are seeking to serve humanity and bringing in more Light into their lives and the lives of others. The series will include seven classes.


  • Sacred Commitment
  • Sacred Protection
  • Sacred Space
  • Sacred Clearing
  • Sacred Healing
  • Sacred Service
  • Sacred White Dragon Temple

Pre-requisite: Completion of Sacred Priesthood

The dragons are our master teachers and they will guide and support us along this path. You will be connected with your Dragon Master Teacher and enter the Dragon's Circle. 

These are the topics that will be covered in this program:

ARCHETYPES: The individuals will take a deeper look at the types of archetypes that exist including identifying their own archetypes and learning to work with the elements of their life wheel in relations to the archetypes.

SHADOWS: The individuals will be responsible for identifying their shadows and doing their own personal shadow work. We must understand that shadow aspects of ourselves if we want to commit to the work of the Light.

FEARS: We will spend time reviewing the different types of fears and how we can disempower the fears that we have in our lives. The class will discuss how fears have paralyze us or pushed us on our path. When we understand and face our fears, we are better able to heal and move forward on our divine journey.

ENERGY/FORCE: There will be discussions on energy and force. The individuals will learn how to move energy in their life and how they can hold more Light within the work that they do.

The individuals that continue on to this path will receive instruction on:

DRAGON GUIDES & MASTER TEACHERS: Each of the individuals on this path will be connected with their Dragon Guides and Master Teachers. This relationship is critical and important. They will begin to work with these mysterious beings on a deep and personal level as part of their spiritual evolution.

DRAGON MAGICK: The class will connect the students to dragon magick and the power of these ancient teachings. 

CAP REMOVALS: When we are afraid or attacked emotionally, mentally and/or physically, we will create caps over our light centers. We have light centers around our crown area that are crystals that allow us to stay connected and bring in Light into our bodies. These crystals can be deactivated or disconnected. I will teach the individuals in this class how to remove the cap and to activate these crystal light centers for their clients and each other.

CORD-CUTTING: The individuals will learn the technique of Cord-Cuttings. This technique is focused on emotional healing and allows the client to release emotional attachments and cords to people, behaviors and abuse/trauma that the individual holds on to.

SEAL & GRID: After the individuals have mastered blessing and clearing space, they will learn how to set sacred space. I will be teaching them how to seal and grid space to hold the Light. I will also be teaching the individuals how to activate Light portals and to close portals of darkness.

LIGHT ACTIVATIONS: The individuals will receive an introduction to activations from the ancient pyramids. These activations keep us connected to Light and source. The more Light that we hold, the more joy we will experience in life and the healthier our lives will be. Everyone should be getting these activations on a regular basis. It will expand your gifts and connection to the next level.

DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS SPRAY: The warriors will receive my recipe for the Divine Consciousness spray that I use for space clearings and to active Light in my etheric field. I find this to be one of the most powerful essential oil sprays that I have ever used. It brings in the energies of the Christ Consciousness.

2020 Schedule

The first class of Warriors of Light will launch in July 2020. The individuals that have completed Sacred Priesthood, will be eligible to take these classes.

  • Sacred Commitment: Sunday, July 12th
  • Sacred Protection: Sunday, August 9th
  • No September Class
  • Sacred Space: Sunday, October 11th
  • No November Class
  • Sacred Clearing: Sunday, December 13th
  • Sacred Healing: Sunday, January 10th
  • No February Class
  • Sacred Service: Sunday, March 14th
  • Sacred White Dragon Temple: Sunday, April 11th

Cost: $288 per class

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