• The Magic of 111

    The Magic of 111

    There is a very special date right around the corner.  January 11th, otherwise known as 111.  Curious as to why this date is so magical?  Let’s dip into 111 and the language of numbers.     111 speaks of the trinity, of angelic connection, and the powers of the Universe.  When you connect in with this energy,… Read more

  • Holding a Space of Joy

    Holding a Space of Joy

    Are you responsible for your own joy? Can you have a joyful life?  Joy is defined as a feeling of pleasure and happiness. What is the difference between happiness and joy? Happiness is an outward expression of the emotions that you are feeling in the moment and joy is an internal feeling.  Watch the video:… Read more

  • Crystals for Clearing

    Crystals for Clearing

    Are you looking for crystals for clearing you and/or your space? You will be connecting with the crystals, herbs, and essential oils that bring in clearing for yourself and your space. This month, you will be learning about clearing energies. As you move through your day, you pick up people’s energies and they leave their… Read more

  • Past Lives & Video Games

    Past Lives & Video Games

    Do you believe in past lives? What are past lives?  Watch video at: PAST LIVES Past lives is the notion that individuals have experienced past lives and reincarnation. This has been a major discussion for centuries. The concept is that an individual’s soul or spirit has experienced lives before their current one. This is… Read more

  • Holding a Space of Grace

    Holding a Space of Grace

    What does it mean to hold a space of grace? What is grace?  Grace is given freely without expectation. The word grace has so many meanings including beauty, elegance, forgiveness, innocence, charm, mercy, flow, harmony, and divine love. A simple definition of grace is the experience of awe, gratitude, and unconditional love when you are… Read more

  • Protecting Your Energy

    Protecting Your Energy

    Protecting yourself from the energy around you is an essential part of anyone’s spiritual development. When you are sensitive to the energies all around, you need techniques and tools to protect your energy. How do you know if you are sensitive to energy? Tools for Protection Watch the Video: ********************************************* AWARENESS Become aware of… Read more

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