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Meditation: Inner Child Healing


Find a comfortable place without distraction.

Set your Sacred Space.

Light a candle.

Take some deep, cleansing breaths.

Allow each breath, in and out, to center and ground you.

When you are ready, begin the meditation.

When you are ready push play and begin the meditation. (Pause)

You can listen to the meditation here:


Continue to take deep breaths in and out.

Allow your breaths to align with your heartbeat.

These breaths are gentle and healing.

Each breath is taking you deeper into a meditative state.

Your shoulders are beginning to relax.

You are becoming more and more comfortable in your space.

Your inner vision is becoming clearer.

You are sitting on a bench in a playground.

The children are playing on the equipment.

This playground is in a beautiful, wooded area.

The trees are providing the perfect shade.

The trees are full of bright green leaves.

The sunshine is bouncing through the leaves in the trees.

Everyone seems to be having a good time at the playground.

The playground has all the things that you are familiar with as a child.

A swing set, monkey bars, merry go round, and see saw.

You walk over to the swing set and take one of the seats.

You begin to swing.

As you are swinging, you close your eyes and lean back.

Your heart dances as you connect with that inner child within.

You want to swing really high.

You keep pushing higher and higher.

Your spirit is flying.

This must be how birds feel when they are flying. (Pause)

It is freeing.

You feel lighter and lighter.

Continue to take in deep breaths.

Allow yourself to go deeper into a meditative state.

Your shoulders are beginning to relax.

You are going deeper and deeper.


You stop swinging.

You have a need to ground your body.

There is a large tree in the middle of the playground.

It has a sitting bench built around the base of the tree.

No one is sitting at the tree.

You move towards the tree.

The tree is gently blowing in the breeze.

You can hear the leaves and they move with the breeze.

As you reach the tree, you connect with the tree’s energy.

This tree has deep wisdom.

You can feel the gentleness and the strength of the tree.

You place your hands against the tree.

The tree transports you into another dimension of time.

You are sitting in your bedroom as a young child.

You are preschool age.

You are crying and very upset.

You move towards the bed and sit down.

Take a moment and take in the room. (Pause)

The child is starting to calm down.

You go over and wipe their tears.

You ask them, “What is wrong?” (Pause)

This is your opportunity to comfort them. (Pause)


The room is changing; the walls, the ceiling, and the floors are moving.

You take a deep breath and adjust your vision.

You are sitting in a different room.

A child comes running in the room.

It is you as a middle-schooler.

The child is really upset.

They toss an item across the room and slam down on the floor.

You allow them to process through their emotions. (Pause)

You slide down on the floor with them.

You ask them, “What is wrong?” (Pause)

You are given another opportunity to comfort them. (Pause)


The room begins to change again.

You are moving through space and time.

Take a deep breath and surrender to the energy.

You find yourself in a different room again.

This was your room as a teenager.

You walk around the room, reconnecting to this time.

You can feel the heaviness of the room.

It is not easy being a teenager.

You start to remember all the challenges that you faced. (Pause)

The hours you spent in your room.

Allow your love for yourself to fill this room.

Wrap the room with unconditional love and compassion.

It is your opportunity to support this time for yourself.

Take another deep breath.

As you release your breath, you find yourself sitting on the bench under the tree.

You begin to breathe alongside the heartbeat of the tree.

The rhythm is gentle and healing.

You hear the tree say, “Surrender the pain and heartache to me.”

With intention, release the deep wounds within the tree.

Allow this tree to take the energies from you.

Continue to take in deep breaths, releasing more and more energy.

Feel the energy being taken from you.

Breath in the love of this place and allow it to fill the spaces within that have opened up from this healing.

Notice how different you feel.

Take a moment to be grateful for this experience. (Pause)


Ask the tree to close all the doorways from our trip today.

We are energized.

We are shining bright today with joy.

When you are ready, take some breaths.

With intention, bring your awareness back into the present.

Start moving your fingers and toes.

Coming back into the present time.

Allowing ourselves to be happy and joyful.

Welcome back.


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You can listen to the meditation here:



Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet’s spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.

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