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Magical Crafting

In need of some me time? Wanting creative self-care activities? This class is for all those seeking creative time for self-care with a purpose. This class is open to all adults wanting a creative outlet and method of setting monthly affirmations and intentions.

This class is an engaging platform fostering creativity using different crafting mediums. Each month’s activities will focus on an intention helping you manifest your best life and allowing you a couple of hours to recharge and explore. Each class will experience a guided meditation, write affirmations aligned with the intention of the month, and create a craft to embody the affirmation and intention. This is a series of monthly classes, which can be taken each month or choose your favorite intention. No experience needed.


  • January: New Beginnings
  • February: Loving Yourself
  • March: Strengthening Your Relationships
  • April: Manifesting Your Dreams
  • May: Inspiring Creativity
  • June: Personal Growth
  • July: Celebrating Family
  • August: Let Prosperity Flow
  • September: Reflections and Healing
  • October: Creating Your Own Magic
  • November: Acts of Gratitude
  • December: Clearing and Celebrating Your Year

COST: $36.00

Christina Joy Lotus is a teacher and Light worker. She is a reiki practitioner in Reiki with the Violet Flame, Angelic Reiki, and traditional Reiki. She incorporates several styles of healing and light work by calling in the Angels, Guides, and Ancestors to bring light to our lives and planet. She has spent several years developing her gifts, of intuitive healing and helping others on their personal journeys. She uses her gifts and experience to create a safe and fun environment for creating and discovering your talents.