Visit the center on Friday & Saturday 12 PM – 5 PM

Table Tipping

During the 1900’s, there were mediums all over the world that were connecting with spirits. People developed an interest to be able to contact loved ones and home circles were created. Home circles were collections of family and friends that would gather to try to communicate with loved ones and spirits.

Table tipping emerged as a tool to allow you to communicate with spirits on the other side. This is a sacred gathering that will allow us to communicate with spirits and love ones on the other side. 

These programs are open to Sacred Temple Mystery School initiates and DYSG Team members. Vialet will occassionally extended a special invitation to someone outside of these groups. 

Who should attend:

  • Individuals that are psychics.
  • Individuals that are mediums.
  • Individuals that are hoping to develop their gifts.
  • Individuals that were like to receive messages from their Divine.
  • Individuals that are hoping to connect with loved ones.

This is more than a message gallery. Everyone participates in giving and receiving messages throughout the event. The room will be lighted with candles.

Limited: 8 students

COST: $30