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The Month of March

The month of March holds the energy of Connections. This is the month to invest time and energy into your relationships. You need to evaluate the relationships that need to be released in your life and the relationships where you would like to invest more love and time.

As we move into the energies of Connections, I encourage you to really think about the relationships in your life, including spouses, partners, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  Take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  • Which relationships feed your soul?
  • Which relationships bring in unconditional love and support?
  • Which relationships take work?
  • Which relationships are draining?

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Make a conscious effort to create opportunities for connection with the people in your life that you love the most
  • Find healthy ways to spend more time with the people that you love
  • Plan activities and/or events that allow you to have more time with friends and family
  • Create new family connections with individuals that may not be blood relatives, but serve roles that are missing in your life

I have a ritual of pulling cards for each month of the year. This ritual has been one of my life rituals for over ten years. I have found that the Universe provides me with strength, support, and guidance throughout the year in my cards. I will pull my cards during the Sacred Candles of Intention process at the end of the year. If you were unable to attend this program, you can still pull your cards for the year.

In my ritual, I use the major arcana (0 Fool through XXI The World) of my favorite tarot deck.

  • I pull out all the major arcana cards.
  • I light a candle and set sacred space for my ritual.
  • It is important for me to be in the right space of mind when I do this ritual.
  • I get out a piece of paper and write down the months on the paper: January through December.
  • I shuffle the cards and select a card for each month.
  • I write down the card for each month.
  • I set the card for the month on my altar, so I can be focused each month.

Have you pulled a tarot card for the month yet? Here are some things to thing about during the month of reflection, based on the card you pulled:

0 Fool

Energies: Brand New. New Beginnings. New Starts, Clean Slate.

The Fool is asking you to start new ways of connecting and expanding your connections with the people that you love. This is the perfect time to create and start new relationships in your life. Create a clean slate and move forward with new traditions that bring the ones that you love together.

I Magician

Energies: Mastery. Confidence. Intellect. Resourcefulness.

As the Magician, you have the resources to mend, heal and create strong healthy relationships in your life. Allow yourself to experience connections at a new level of wisdom and confidence. This is an opportunity for you to master your relationships.

II High Priestess

Energies: Wisdom. Knowledge. Intuition. Higher Powers.

She holds the mystery and wisdom of the universe. The High Priestess reminds you to follow your inner wisdom in your relationships. Trust your gut instincts and allow the universe to guide you in creating better relationships.

III Empress

Energies: Nurturing. Family. Fertility. Abundance. Beauty.

The Empress holds the maternal energies of nurture and care. She reminds you that it is important to nurture your relationships. This card brings in the energies of importance around family. It is time for you to commit to more time with your family.  

IV Emperor

Energies: Authority. Leader. Structure. Solid Foundation.

He holds the energies of stability and security. Everyone looks to you for direction and leadership in your relationships. Take time to provide clear expectations and structure with your connections. This will provide a solid foundation for healthy relationships.  

V Hierophant

Energies: Teacher. Teaching. Beliefs. Religion. Tradition.

The Hierophant is the counselor. You are being asked to take a traditional approach in your connections. There may be a lesson to learn in how to have healthy relationships in your life. Be open to the messages that you receive in your connections this month.

VI Lovers

Energies: Love. Relationships. Union. Choices.

This card holds the energies of relationships. The Lovers are sharing with you the importance of bringing your heart into your relationships. Take time to connect and find out what works best for you and others in your life. The language of love means different things to people. Observe and take notes on what works best for each person.

VII Chariot

Energies: Take Action. Motion. Determination. Will Power

The Chariot is about taking action and moving forward. You are being pushed forward in matters of the heart. It is time to take action. The action may be to release a relationship that no longer serves the highest good of both parties or it may be a new relationship that is being nudged forward.

VIII Strength

Energies: Patience. Compassion. Strength. Courage. Control

This month, you will be asked to be compassionate and patient with someone in your life. You may not totally understand all the details of the situation. The universe will be asking you to have courage as you work through the issues within the relationship. Remember, love conquers all.

IX Hermit

Energies: Introspection. Pause. Inner Guidance. Soul Searching.

This card indicates that you need to pause and check in with your inner guidance system on the relationships in your life. It is the time to re-evaluate the relationships that you have. Are they healthy or unhealthy for you? Trust yourself and move forward in your life.

X Wheel of Fortune

Energies: Destiny. Change. Luck. Karma.

The universe is bringing in positive shifts and changes in the relationships in your life. It is nudging you in a new direction. Trust the process and let go of anything that no longer serves your highest good. There are new things coming into your life.

XI Justice

Energies: Fairness. Truth. Legal. Law. Cause & Effect.

The Justice card reminds you that life is not always fair. This time things are going to work out to the best outcome for everyone. Make sure that you are truthful and honest in all of your relationships. The truth will set you free and create more healthy relationships in your life.

XII Hanged Man

Energies: Crossroads. Decision. Sacrifice.

This card appears when you have been sacrificing yourself for your relationships. It is natural for you to want to give to others. However, you must also do what is best for you. It is time to make a decision about a relationship that has not always been the best for you.

XIII Death

Energies: Transformation. Transition. Ending. Letting Go.

The Death card typically does not represent a physical death. This card is an indication that there is a relationship in your life that is ending or needs to end. You may have been hanging on to a relationship for all the wrong reasons. It is time to release and let go of the relationships in your life that do not bring you joy and happiness.

XIV Temperance

Energies: Life Balance. Purpose. Meaning

This card reminds you that you are working too hard to keep a relationship that no longer serves you. Take the time to examine your relationships and the purpose that each one serves. If the relationship is too much work, it is time to make a tough decision. This card is encouraging you to have more healthy relationships.

XV: Devil

Energies: Fears. Compulsive. Materialism. Addiction.

The Devil appears this month to remind you that you need to re-evaluate your relationships. You may have addictive behaviors and triggers within your relationships that are unhealthy for you or them. It is time to really step back and review what is happening in your relationships. Take time to heal and release what does not create loving relationships.

XVI Tower

Energies: Sudden Change. Disruption. Revelation

The universe is making major changes in your life to shift your focus back to your divine purpose. There are changes coming that you have not been expecting. You will have relationships that end suddenly. These changes will lead you in a new direction. Take time to focus on you and your divine purpose.


Energies: Inspiration. Connected. Hope. Spirituality.

You will have someone in your life that inspires you. Make sure you that you acknowledge them and the gift they have given you. This relationship is purposeful and is meant to bring you hope and love. Commit this year to having more spiritual and uplifting relationships in your life.


Energies: Dreaming. Subconscious. Distraction. Auto-pilot.

The Moon brings in the energies of illusion and deceptions. You may have been distracted in your relationships and allowed your assumptions about individuals to lead the way. It is time to take a deeper look into the meanings of the relationships in your life. You deserve to have healthy and loving relationships.


Energies: Inner Child. Fun. Play. Joy. Success.

This card brings in the energies of celebration and success. You have created some beautiful relationships in your life. They seem to bring you joy and happiness in all areas. Take time to honor and appreciate all that you have created with the people that you love.

XX Judgment

Energies: Take Responsibility. Self-Examination. Absolution.

You are awakening to the divine being that you are. It is time to take responsibility for your life and the relationships you create. Relationships take effort for all parties involved. The Judgment card is asking you to examine what you have created and to hold a space of gratitude.

XXI The World

Energies: Completion. Accomplishment. Integration

The World represents the end of a cycle in our lives. The relationships in your life have been nurtured. Some of them have met the contract that was created, and it is time to cycle into a new direction. This direction will bring new relationships and energies into your life. It is important that you do not hold on to tightly to the past.

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Vialet has been on a healing path her whole life. She has been called a spiritual guardian that is strongly connected and highly intuitive. A teacher, coach, healer, and spiritual leader that dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world.

Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and resources to discover their own healing powers within themselves so they may empower their own lives. Vialet’s spiritual journey has provided her with everyday life rituals, experiences, and spiritual wisdom that allow her to overcome difficult situations and to create a life that she has always dreamed of.

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