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Path 09: Priesthood

The journey continues with Path #09: Prosperity.

This is a state of mind. Your prosperity is based on your relationship with money, your belief system in this lifetime and past lives, your contracts that you have created and your magical ability to create within the systems of universal law. Do you hold the energy of poverty consciousness?

Do you believe that you are not worthy to receive? 

We have been given beliefs and ideas around money and prosperity including: Money does not grow on trees, Money is evil, Money buys happiness, There is not enough for everyone, etc. Your family has contributed to your belief around money. Money is energy and everyone has the ability to draw money to them.

What are your beliefs around money?

It is time to shift your thoughts and your relationship with abundance and prosperity. When you have a positive relationship with your money, you will attract more into your life. When you are practicing the laws of abundance, you are working with the laws of energies. You want to be focused on the things that will align you with your dreams and desires. Do not create waste by asking for things that are not needed. 

Are you ready for more stability with your money?


  • The course is getting an upgrade, so information is coming soon!

What do your receive in this class?

The published book for this class is ??+ pages. It has been written and designed by Vialet B Rayne.

The students also receive access to the online lectures, meditations, and documents for this class. There are 60+ recorded lessons online for the students to review after the class.

You receive ?? rituals/prayers in this program. 

You will be making an essential oil spray in this class.

Video coming soon!


The students learn how to blend essential oils and to make sprays. They will also do their taper candle magic.

Do you know the Wheel of the Year? These are the pagan fire festivals that celebrate the cycles. We offer an opportunity to gather with a meal. Our priestesses share information on the festival and we do an activity together. These are FREE events.


What in your life has shifted or changed?

“When I found this program, I was going through a time of Spiritual Awakening. I felt open and vulnerable, in need of protection and grounding. While I learned what I thought I needed, my life also changed in ways I could have never predicted. All of sudden, I began being able to accomplish goals I had been working on my whole life. I was able to let go of addictions that had been plaguing me and truly connect to Source.”

Allison Walsh

#Enlightenment (2023) & #Empowerment (2024) groups

Ready to join us? The first step in meeting with Vialet. She can answer your questions and provide you an overview of the expectations of joining this class. We start a new group each year, so she can share with you about the next group that is starting.

“Prosperity in the form of wealth works exactly the same as everything else. You will see it coming into your life when you are unattached to needing it.”

– Wayne Dyer

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DISCLAIMER: As with any educational spiritual ascension program, your experience is going to vary from the other student’s experiences and testimonials. Spiritual growth, self-actualization and transformation are personal and subjective – and results vary from individual to individual. Your transformation on this path is dependent on how much time and commitment you are willing to put into it. You will be given ancient rituals and magical tools to integrate and use in your daily life. These items will assist you in navigating your life and being the magical creator that you were meant to be. This will take you time, effort and dedication to these teachings. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee results. This is not a “Quick Fix” approach to life. These teachings will transform your perspective and life if you choose to do the work.