Vialet's Classes

Vialet's classes are amazing! She was a college professor building curriculum and delivering courses in business, human resources, customer services, marketing and strategy in undergraduate and graduate level courses for over ten years. She also designed and delivered training programs in start-ups and fast-growing organizations as a senior human resources professional for twenty years. 

Today, she is able to design and deliver spiritual programs and courses in a professional and impactive approach. Vialet writes professionally published books for her classes and programs. She researches and brings together information from multiple sources, so that you receive the information in a concise and organized way. 

Vialet has written thirty-five books for her classes in the last two years. She always shares with her classes that many of her students tend to take all of her classes and she teaches lots and lots of classes. 

Vialet's Certification Programs

These programs offer the students a certification. Each of these offer a series of classes and programs for the students. The classes include a textbook, exercises and hands on experience. 

Angelic Level 1 & 2

Ascension & Connection


Metatron Method

Coming soon!


Angelic Level 3 & 4



Akashic Level 1

Divine Guidance


Akashic Level 2

Healing & Clearing


Akashic Level 3

Divine Blueprint


Crystal Series

Connections & Exploration

$40 (12 classes)

Vialet's Mystery School Programs

These programs provide the high ancient teachings of magic, sacredness and the universe. When you are ready to do the work to transform your life, you will be led to these programs. The Mystery School offerings are an investment of your time, an investment of your money and an elevation of your soul. It will require your commitment of stepping into the Light of the Divine. 

Sacred Priesthood is a pre-requisite for all of the other programs. 

Sacred Priesthood Temple

Sacredness, Beauty & Service

13 classes

Divine (Fire)

Warriors of Light Temple

Protection, Introspection & Healing

7 classes

Heart (Water)

Vialet's Programs

Akashic Gallery

Spiritual Messages


Moon Ceremony

Rituals & Ceremony


Angelic Reiki Share

Healing Share


Vialet's Playshops

As you become adults, you take on this belief that you need to be grown up and that you do not have time for fun!!!! The truth is that fun, play, laughter, dance, singing are healing and they allow us to connect to our creativity, so we can manifest our desires and dreams. These programs are designed to reconnect you to your inner child and to allow you to play and have fun. Check out Vialet's Playshops. 

Fairy Playshop

Childlike Play & Healing


Bath Salts Playshop

Creative & Fun 


Holiday Bath Salts

Great Gifts & Fun


Vialet's Virtual Programs

These programs provide you flexibility. You can take them on your schedule and at your pace. These virtual programs include audio recordings, videos, exercises, downloads and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program. You can check out all the Virtual and Online programs offered at DYSG at: 

Sacred Space

Setting, Blessing & Protection


Life As An Empath

Tools for the Sensitive


Seven Sacred Keys

Sacredness in Your Life


Connect Angels

Work with the Angels


Sacred Priesthood

Enter the Mystery School


Akashic Records

Level 1


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